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Dec 30, 2006 03:12 PM

Besides Gino's, who else has a sausage patty deep dish?

Gotta take out of towners for deep dish today. They want a pie with a sausage patty rather than crumbled sausage. Does Uno and Due use a patty? I know that Malnati's does by request. Any others?

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  1. Doesn't Gulliver's use a sausage patty?

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    1. re: donna5657

      As I recall, Gullivers does not.

      1. re: abf005

        ...not to mention that Gulliver's has dreadful pizza. Blech.

        1. re: sundevilpeg

          I would strongly disagree, I was there 2-3 weeks ago and it was not only OUTSTANDING, it was better than the Gino's East on Superior(which I went to a few days later) which you inquired about. You really should consider giving it another try.

    2. Malnati's does patty sausage standard--not as a special request--and they put a ton of it on.

      1. The original Uno and Due in Chicago have always used sausage patty (although I never thought of it that way). It remains my favorite pizza, altho Lou Malnotti comes real close.

        I couldn't speak for (nor would I eat at) the Uno franchise.

        1. I'd definitely recommend Lou Malnotti's. Had it a few weeks ago in fact.

          1. The original comment has been removed