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Dec 30, 2006 03:12 PM

Need Recs on Family Friendly Restaurants in DC

We are planning to meet friends in DC for lunch tomorrow. They are coming from Williamsburg and we are coming down from the Eastern Shore. Would like somewhere easy access, that would be friendly for their two, active kids (7 & 5). We don't have kids, so not really sure what they will eat, but still want a place where we will enjoy the food too. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. Would you consider the new Native American museum cafeteria? They have authentic Native American food and it's fun for kids to see all the different kiosks and food. Plus, it's noisy and geared for kids.

      1. On Sunday, 12/31/06, President Ford will lie in State in the Capitol Rotunda from 9 AM until 6 PM. The lines for the public form at 3rd and Md. Ave. SW, just North of Independence, right by the American Indian Museum on the National Mall.

        Anything in Penn Quarter, Capital Hill and Downtown DC is going to be extremely congested and security will be very high.
        Unless you want to make paying respects to the late President part of your day, you might want to avoid that area.

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          Good point--thanks. I didn't think about that.

        2. I would stay away from The Hill for sure. But Dupont or near GWU would work. Consider taking them to the Georgetown waterfront - perhaps to the dumpling joint. My kids do well at Medicino Grille but it may be too sophisticated for kids of non-foodies...Pizza Paradiso in Dupont Circle or Johnny's Half Shell accross the street always do the trick. Cafe Deluxe or Two Amy's further uptown - good as well. If you do want to try Penn Quarter - I would say Dist. Chop House or Austin Grille.