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Dec 30, 2006 03:01 PM

Current Tops for Dim Sum in Detroit?

I searched the boards and found a thin thread dating back over a year ago so I wanted to know where the best places for dim sum are in the metro Detroit area (preferably excluding Windsor and Ann Arbor since those have been pretty well covered in past posts).

Thanks for your help!

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  1. The only dim sum I know of is at Shangri-La on Orchard Lake just north of Maple. It is tucked into a corner of a strip mall. I ate there for the first time last week and really enjoyed it.

    6407 Orchard Lake Road
    West Bloomfield, MI

    1. Thanks Wooderson. Gotta try it. I haven't been to dim sum in the area for years. I used to go to Windsor and when in NYC I tend to make at least one dim sum stop.

      1. I just went there a few weeks ago, I live in Ann Arbor, and Shangri La beats anything we have here. The food is just a little more authentic and more refined. I think they are also open for dim sum really late on weekend nights, for the post clubbing crowd.

        1. Golden Harvest in Warren. Some of the best dim sum I've had outside of Oceans in LA.

          1. Kim's Garden in Novi is now serving dim sum--it's really close to Twelve Oaks Mall. The dim sum is mediocre, the variety is decent but everything tastes the same and arrives lukewarm. I think it's run by the same folks as Great Lakes.

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              I think its brothers who are operating Kim's Garden and Great Lakes.