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Dec 30, 2006 02:53 PM

castle hill cafe

any info? Thanks in advance.

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    1. Castle Hill is reliable and delicious. It has decent atmosphere, and most weeknights my wife and I can go there on a lark and not have to wait to be seated.

      Of their appetizers, I enjoy the fried brie; my wife finds it bland and heavy, and prefers the dumplings. We both like the flautas and the cheese torta.

      Castle Hill offers entree salads that are affordable and very filling. The Interior Mexican-style salad is the undisputable king of the salads they offer; the hacked chicken is also good.

      Their entrees rotate periodically. They'll usually have a beef tenderloin option; the excellence of this dish can vary based on the preparation. I've also had a venison tenderloin that was tough, and various pork tenderloins that have been quite tasty. They also offer a vegetarian option -- as long as I recall it has always been a lasagna -- but I've never had it. My wife has sampled it once and thought it was decent. Finally, I've only had fish there once (trout, maybe?) and it wasn't memorable.

      Because their preparation for dishes shifts from month to month, I can't give you reliable advice on what they currently offer.

      Their dessert menu is great, and their wine list changes often but is very dependable. Your server can be relied on for helping pair wine with your food choices.

      To see their current menus, go here:

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      1. Lunch is a great value. The only thing I dislike there is the gumbo. The meat is always too tough.