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Dec 30, 2006 02:21 PM

NYT Real Estate Section Article: Author Moves to Jackson Heights for the Food

Thought this would amuse most of you.

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  1. You don't have to move there. I live in midtown Manhattan (when I'm not in Tulsa) It's 15 minutes by subway to Jackson Heights, 15 minutes to Manhattan Chinatown, a bit longer to Flushing. Every night I eat at one of those three. I never do takeout but if I did I'd be home and eating before the chow cooled.

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    1. re: Brian S

      I think he moved to JH because he used to live in Washington heights. I guess the eats are not as good up there, plus it probably takes forever to get to JH from there.

      1. re: seneca

        It takes under an hour to get from JH to WH.

        1. re: christocc

          yeah, I guess you're right. My friend from Inwood told me it took her one and half hours to get home from my place in JH but she had to walk 15 minutes to the E/F because I live on 85th St and it was also late at night. Since I just moved to this neighborhood I don't always know how long it takes to get places.

          And since it sounds like the author wanted to eat at Seba Seba or Tacos Guicho every single day, I guess two hours round trip every day must have been too much!

          1. re: christocc

            What, in a helicopter? Buy Subway it would be at least an hour.

            1. re: Sweatshirt Guy

              Not so at all. It's under an hour by subway, even on a Sunday. Take the E from Roosevelt to 50th St. (15 minutes tops), and the C to WH (20 minutes, tops). That's a total of 35 minutes. Even if you've got to wait 10 minutes for each train (which isn't very likely), that's still under an hour.

              Are you taking a different route?

              1. re: christocc

                Sorry, i have to disagree. I commute from 74th Roosevelt to W168th for work. its at least an hour, if not an hour fifteen, at the height of rush hour when trains run very frequently.

      2. Of course you don't have to here is a very nice thing to do. I'd definitely recommend it (and not just cause of the food).

        1. i'd recommend it too -- with reservations (no pun intended) about the neighborhood succumbing to the sort of colonization/dumbing down that made the boerum/cobble/carroll (i won't use the loathsome contraction that's come into use in recent times) such a wasteland.

          1. yeah, I hope the neighborhood doesn't change much either but so far, so good. I've been living here since Oct 04 and there's been very little change over that time. The biggest changes I've seen down my end of the neighborhood have been the expansion of Trade Fair on 37th (the produce section has improved and they finally started stocking Total yogurt), several new phone card stores, and one of my favorite combo-uses of space--a new jewelry store/internet cafe (minus the coffee). I do admit I wouldn't mind a good coffee shop to sit around in and read (while I love going into the Dunkin' Donuts on 37th, it's more fun to pretend to read and to listen in on the complaints/chatter of the regulars in there) and a within-walking-distance bookstore would be really handy. Considering the Times piece two years ago naming Queens as the next It borough and JH as the next It neighborhood, the lack of change has been a nice surprise.

            1. one more thing: I won't really start to worry about the neighborhood until Fresh Direct starts delivering here. At this point, they still think JH is a wasteland of people that can't afford/won't use their service. And while I will admit that I get annoyed that they won't deliver here and would probably jump at the chance to order from them (in my last life I lived on the UES and, well, Fresh Direct is pretty handy), I know it would signal that the neighborhood is a-changin.

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              1. re: jennsch

                I'm not sure if Fresh Direct considers us JH a "wasteland". No offense to Woodsiders, but I have a friend that lives around the corner from Spicy Mina in Woodside, and Fresh Direct delivers there.

                1. re: sandrina

                  I live in Elmhurst and fresh direct wont deliver to 4 blocks past the subway station. I find it really annoying.

                  1. re: sandrina

                    I had called a while back and the customer service person said they had looked into delivering to JH but found it wasn't financially viable for the company -- translates to them not thinking they could make enough money doing a circuit through the neighborhood.

                    1. re: jennsch

                      They took one look at the thousands of excellent, cheap restaurants around the nabe and figured that no one would order from their company.

                      1. re: Brian S

                        If that were true the supermarkets would be empty. Alas, they're painfully crowded at peak hours.

                        1. re: jennsch

                          If Trade Fair (or the Met) is smart, they will capitalize on FD's
                          silliness and continue their upward trajectory. With just
                          a few improvements in the JH grocery scene, we wouldn't need
                          FD at all.

                          1. re: JulesNYC

                            I'm guilty, as well (re: my kefir remark), but if anyone has further grocery remarks, please start a new thread, so others can notice, benefit, and contribute.

                      2. re: jennsch

                        Actually, someone on the JHFamilies board talked to the Fresh Direct CEO. Basically, they have a significant number of people who have signed up and indicated interest, but they need to add another route, and that's what they are waiting on. For example, they would also need enough people to sign up from, say, Elmhurst, because they need two neighborhoods per truck (or something like that).

                        1. re: gliterati8

                          well that is a good thing to hear (and a very diff tune than I had heard, admittedly, a bit back) -- perhaps we should start a flyer campaign in Elmhurts to get people to sign up...

                    2. re: jennsch

                      well, JH must be changing. Fresh Direct is here and we're oh, so happy about it. We were east-midtowners before coming here and FD was so great. I'm so happy it's here now.