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Pino's or Presto's?

Two great pizza places in Cleveland Circle. I usually alternate, but wondering if others preferred one over the other. If I had to choose, I'd give a slight edge to Presto.

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  1. I prefer Presto Pizza. I think their crust is superior and their veggie toppings are excellent. The sauce is good without being overwhelming. For me, the crust is thin but has substance and is baked just right. Without getting too nationalistic, the pizza makers at Presto are from Italy and they get it right. Pino's is just run of the mill IMHO. There's no "there" there in the sauce or the crust (although I have friends and family that like it).
    Ç'est la vie.

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      Just had Pino's recently and wasn't impressed. You're right, the crust is very blah.

    2. Absolutely Presto. I went to Pino's b/c of a rave I heard about it when I first moved to the area and was REALLY disappointed in the everything - crust, sauce, toppings.

      Stopped in Presto shortly after that and really enjoyed the crust. I'm a cheese (or pepperoni) only though - so I can't really speak about other toppings but the crust is thin and as close to a NY slice as I could find in the A-B area.

      1. Another vote for Presto's. I've been to both more times than I can count and have trended more and more towards Presto's.
        Crust is very good as is the sauce and cheese. I also like their sausage. Pino's is good but Presto's is better.

        1. PRESTO'S! The perfect amount of sauce and cheese...24 inch pizzas...They always have a good selection of slices available
          Pino is only good because they've got prosciutto sandwiches.

          1. when in the area we can never remember which was best so we get a slice of each! and i still can't remember! I think i thought it was Pino's but it ended up being better at Prestos. Hubby just lit up when i told him the question but he said we can't remember which is which when we are in front of it, how would we know now??
            Now i am mad that i skipped it this year! Annually we drive by and do the PinoPresto thing but this year i opted out for ice cream and then between Cleveland Circle down Comm ave and up to the North shore we found no decent ice cream place to even try! So now i want to go back for the pizza :(

              1. Presto for sure. One slice of veggie pizza is $3 and a meal's worth - loaded with veggies. Good sicilian, and cheap-ass specials like 2 slices and a soda for $5, medium pizza and 2 sodas for 9 or 10 i think.

                Also, the guys the work at Prestos are much nicer than the people at Pinos in my experience.

                However, Pinos makes a pretty good calzone.

                For cleveland circle, Presto's > Pino's > Roggies. Roggies sucks.

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                  Presto's for two reasons. 1)The pizza is better 2) They aren't jerks- I once ordered delivery from Pino's and after they imposed a 3 dollar delivery charge on me- and I gave the driver a buck- he had the nerve to ask me why I gave him such a small tip....lame. I ended up paying 14 bucks or so for a small pizza

                2. I tried Presto's for the first time tonight, having eaten a fair number of Pino pies over the past couple years. I can tell Presto's ingredients were very good, but the pie was undercooked! The crust was hopelessly floppy, the cheese not gooey enough. I just had my first ever New Haven pie (Bar) about a week ago, and it was super-crispy and marvelously charred - I couldn't help but compare Presto's.

                  I may try Presto's again, but I'll ask them for well-done.