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What are you doing for NYE?

Cooking for 20? Gala event? Out on the town? At home in your 'jammies? What are Chowhounds doing for New Year's?

I will be getting my Chow on in Sonoma and SF-- good food, good wine-- and then being a normal non-chowie citizen on the 1st with good ol' American fare for the Rose Bowl game. (fight on)

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  1. Staying home with a few friends and the hubby, making a big pot of soup with fixins (thinking a south-of-france theme), and board games. Fun!

    1. We have club level seats for the Eagles game, and I'm looking forward to trying the Jumbo Lump Crabcake Sandwich, and maybe the mac 'n' cheese. If they don't live up to my dreams, I'll have a grilled hotdog--always good.

      1. Hubster and I will be indulging in his homemade Chile Colorado, my homemade tortillas, drinking Patron Anejo tequilla and lime. We're saving the champagne for New Years Day to have with our traditional quiche.

        Happy New Year everyone!

        1. Working... gotta love the industry :).

          1. Making a pot of pea soup, while watching NYE in Trafalgar Sq. in London on webcam, for dinner. Aftre dinner getting into bed early with a good book.

            1. Sister, brother-in-law and their 10 and 11-year-old daughters will be visiting and we're doing choucroute garni and watching silly DVDs and stuffing ourselves on the batch of Dorie Greenspan's World Peace cookies I am taking out of the oven right now.

              1. DH and I will gorge on lobster and salad, then probably watch a movie. We have chocolate truffles and lemon cheesecake for emergencies but otherwise I think we'll be in bed long before the New Year arrives.

                1. Breaking in the new home theater equipment with a collection of animated shorts until its time for the ball to drop.

                  Dinner pre show time is steamed lobster and beef filet salad. When our movie goers arrive we'll have plenty of mini desserts, bowls of popcorn and drinks at the ready.

                  Did anyone else buy the chocolate champagne bottle from Costco? We plan to break it at midnight and share the shards!

                  HAPPY NEW YEAR CH's!

                  1. It's my turn to cook the capodanno (for 10), so we're having lentil salad, bruschette, homemade butternut squash gnocchi with butter, sage and Pecorino, chicken alla cacciatora, and zuppa inglese.

                    We start with champagne at midnight and will be eating until 2 or 3 AM.

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                      Can I come over? ;) Sounds great, have a wonderful time.

                    2. Dream Girls, tapas, champagne at home with friends

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                        Here Here ... going to the 4:00 show if Dream Girls ... then back to a friends for grilled lamb, sides and Galley Girl's Pear cake with home made ice cream.

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                            Dream Girls was fantastic, Hudson over the top great. Her song mid-film was best 5 minutes of song-film in decades, up there with Over the Rainbow. Tapas flowed til 1230, fantastic. great film, food and friends.

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                              Agree all around .. film was great (if a bit long). Our food - Lamb, couscous with cranberries and roasted pignoli nuts, salad and galley girl's pear cake with home made ice cream was a great way to end the year.

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                                Oh MAN, that dinner sounds excellent!

                        1. Shrimp 2 different ways, a few scallops, cheese and bread (maybe a fondue), deviled eggs, salad, and champagne at midnight for three.

                          1. A night with no kids(they're out to parties), so we are making do with a selection of appetizers-n-such (crabcakes, a couple of omelets, a salad etc.) and champagne. Make it until midnight? Hopefully. Then the first game of TP for the New Year!

                            Wait, isn't this one of the "poll" type posts that we CHers arent supposed to engage in? ;) (I like 'em, personally.)

                            1. I'm making potstickers with my family. from the dough to the filling, we do it all, and it creates a big flour-y mess, but it's great! it's one of those activities that you need a group for, and it's so much fun. we make the potstickers on the night of NYE and then eat them (steamed, fried, in a light broth, etc.) the next morning.

                              1. Making penne a la sorrentino for Mom - will play Mah-jong and try to stay awake to watch the ball drop in Times Square.

                                1. We toasted at 4:00 pm with my in-laws (they go to bed early).. and it is midnight in Britain at that time. We toasted with champagne using British accents. Husband and I are having steaks using Bourdains Las Halles recipe this eve with mashed potatoes, green beans with almonds. No black-eyed peas for us this year.

                                  1. I'm re-creating Thanksgiving dinner because it's Hubby's favorite combo-meal ever, and since my sister hosted Thanksgiving this year, he's been griping about the dry turkey and lame stuffing ever since.

                                    So the bird's in the oven, stuffing's in the other oven, and most of the remaining fixins' are being dealt with now. Never had turkey with Champagne but I'm sure it'll work out fine.

                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR, 'HOUNDS! And thanks to all for always providing much needed input, humor, and camaraderie.

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                                      One thing I'm looking forward to in our new place is the ability to rip out that 70's horror that is the monstrous stove and put in a double oven.

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                                        Are we moving in together? Oh wait, the other "our".... ;)

                                    2. Stayed at home with SO. Started with a little mousse truffee on toasted baggette rounds. Moved on to shrimp risotto. Then grouper al forno con funghi with rapini on the side. Ended with a brie round baked in pastry with raspberry jam and almonds. We drank a couple bottles of champagne over the course of the evening. And a wee dram or two of 18 y.o. Glenmorangie.

                                      1. We went to a progressive party. Never thought I'd do that sort of thing but this is how it
                                        went. We drove up the street to the first house where it was wine & pupus (appetizers). My
                                        husband made a tray of Ming Tsai's Asian Gazpacho with Cilantro Cream in little shot glasses
                                        which was a hit along with the other offerings (chicken wings, dip, etc.) Then it was across
                                        the street to a home with a gorgeous new remodel of kitchen and eating area. There we had
                                        lasagna and an amazing salad with candided nuts and that sort of thing. After that we drove
                                        up the street (we live in an area of huge lots with long streets) for champagne, desserts and
                                        disco dancing. Yes, disco dancing. These people have an entire part of their lower wing
                                        devoted to a full on club with thousands of lights, tables/chairs, giant dance floor and a
                                        professional DJ booth. Some of the time I was alone down there taking advantage of the
                                        uniqueness of it all other points in time there were lots and lots of people dancing away.
                                        At midnight they put on a real fireworks show in their parking lot/driveway. We stayed
                                        on until 3 and were by no means the last to leave! It was a fun night! Thanksgiving at
                                        the disco house is always fun too! HAPPY NEW YEAR HOUNDS!!!!!!!