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Dec 30, 2006 05:52 AM

What happened to TK Noodle, or New TK Noodle?

I notice more and more places that's used to be TK Noodle or New TK Noodle are now gone.

In Milpitas Square, TK Noodle is now eNoodle.
In Fremont Hub, New TK Noodle is now King Noodle.
In Newark near Ranch 99, it's used to be New TK Noodle then King Noodle and now another noodle restaurant.

Those are the places that I know of... Just wondering what happened to TK or New TK Noodle.

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  1. Here's the website with locations -

    The Newark branch moved to larger quarters a while ago over by Lion.

    1. Both TK and New TK are alive and well in downtown SJ, and the original owners and staff are still around in both places. When the one in Mountain View closed, the property was sold for development. My best guess is that the owners manage some of their locations as investments, building them up and selling the off.

      1. I'm not sure exactly what's going on, as some of the other locations changed their name to New Tung Kee, then Luu Noodle/New Tung Kee, but are clearly the same operation as far as the menu and format go. Then there's the Dallas branch called Chau Kee. I know that the Dallas branch has a different name because it's run by a different family member. So to the extent that the name changes but the restaurant itself doesn't change I'd guess it only represents some kind of internal family structuring. I would also comment that it is not unusual for Chinese restaurants to reincorporate under a different name for reasons that are sometimes innocent, sometimes not so innocent.

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          I can't remember why I have this impression, but it seems to me there was some kind of family disagreement some years ago that resulted in the two different names. Maybe it was something I saw in the newspaper. Tung Kee became TK Noodle, and the other group became Luu Noodle/New Tung Kee. In San Jose, TK and New Tung Kee have slightly different menus. The latter has tofu, pad thai, and recently added egg rolls.

          1. re: Judith

            If I remember correctly, it seems the locations I mentioned above were New Tung Kee Noodle restaurants, not the original TK Noodle.
            About a week ago, we were going to Kings Noodle in Newark; however we didn't know that they have changed hands, and the menus are completely different. When it was Kings Noodle, the menu were pretty much similar to New Tung Kee, with additions of some rice plate. Not anymore...

            1. re: Judith

              Yes, I had the same vague recollection of a newspaper article somewhere, but I didn't remember enough details to include it above.

          2. There is a branch in Hayward inside Soutland mall.

            1. The Tung Kee(TK)/New Tung Kee dichotomy appears to be a long-standing one, according to this 1996 article in Metro Active:


              Perhaps the TK noodle owners are just beginning to cash out and selling off branches one by one. Maybe New Tung Kee has eaten their lunch.

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              1. re: Gary Soup

                That was the newspaper article I remember.