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Best Gumbo?

Who has the Best Gumbo? Prefer Seafood, But other types are Ok...

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  1. The best seafood gumbo I've had was at Commanders.

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      I agree....I had 12 bowls of gumbo in 12 different places two years back and all were good, but Commander's was best.

      (Mr B's was excellent as well)

    2. Coopers -- Is it still there? A divey bar in the Quarter.

      There known for there jambalaya but the gumbo I've had there, several times over several years was just great.

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        Coop's Place. On Decatur. I love their gumbo, too, but it's much different than most I've had. It is, as my darling husband puts it "green and thin. And extra spicy". He doesn't like it, and he's more of a connoisseur than I.

        I also really like Casamento's gumbo (as does my DH), and I almost always get the gumbo at Crabby Jack's, the type available varies.

      2. There is a place in the Quarter, "Mena's". It is on Chartres, I believe. A few years ago, someone told me they had the best gumbo and I went there. Its very good and has seafood in it. I have gone back there every trip to New Orleans for it. Its the kind of place you can walk in and sit at the bar and have a bowl.

        1. I really like the gumbo at Herbsaint. It's made Cajun-style, with a dark, dark roux. I've also always enjoyed the gumbo at Liuzza's by the Track.

          1. The duck and andouille gumbo at Dick & Jenny's was outstanding the last time I was there.

            1. Believe it or not, I had some fantastic gumbo at Shula's on Canal. Also had a great seafood-andouille gumbo at Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse last week.

              1. Amalie's on Royal and the New Orleans Grapevine on Orleans have real good gumbos.

                1. hands down-- the seafood extra gumbo a Coop's Place----

                  1. my faves: duck/andouille at la cote brasserie - i thought theirs was the best at the united way gumbo cookoff 3 years ago. Also, gumbo at brigtsen's.

                    For what it's worth, Redfish Grill won this year's cookoff although I've never had theirs.

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                        You're on thick ice there, HC..anything in Apostolic Sucession to Eddie's gumbo wins a walk-up start right away--the rest of the race is another matter.

                      2. I like everything I've had at The Diplomat on Lafayette & Tchoupitoulas. The gumbo, parmesan chicken, red beans and shrimp creole are great as well as their burgers. I might be biased as I work across the street.

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                          I have never heard of the The Diplomat. Tell me more. My boyfriend works downtown and I like to take the streetcar down there every once in a while for lunch with him. I am always looking for a new place.

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                            It's in the Ambassador Hotel. Lunches run about $8.95. Located a block off Poydras.

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                              I stayed at the Ambassador hotel before, it's also a couple blocks away from Emeril's in the Warehouse district, correct/

                              Never tried the restaurant there though. I previously thought it was a mostly a Spanish tapas parlor of sorts.

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                                It was a place called Azul. I remember Mexican style food that was not very good the one time I went.

                        2. My favorite has consistently been at Ralph's on the Park

                            1. how about galatoire's or brigsten's

                              1. Preejeans' at Jazz Fest, Commanders, Mr. B's gumbo ya-ya.

                                1. Anyone had Tee Eva's Seafood gumbo?