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Dec 30, 2006 04:04 AM

South End neighborhood cafe

I seem to remember reading about a great place for breakfast or brunch in the South End--a really small, neighborhood joint. I seem to remember that the name of the place was a girl's name (Rebecca? no, searched for that). Did I dream this?

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  1. Perhaps Rachel's Kitchen in Bay Village?

    1. Sounds like Rachel's Kitchen. I think it's technically in Bay Village, though certainly quite close to the S. End. I've never been as it's sort of out of my way most days but everything I've heard sounds great. Apparently the owners are also planning to open a full-service restaurant nearby -- has anyone heard a progress report on this?


      1. I've been a few times and like it. On Fridays, they do a hot lobster sandwich...tiny little place.

        The new place is supposed to open in the old Dedo/Marios space..but I haven't heard anything lately.

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