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Dec 30, 2006 03:41 AM

Best BEEF ribs in Dallas (BBQ)?

Just moved to Dallas from NYC and I am looking for (the best) beef ribs, dry, no sauce. All I can seem to find is pork.

I have been to:
Sonny Bryans
Red Hot and Blue

Where's the beef?!

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  1. Try Big Al's on Inwood (near Cedar Springs). Just be sure to request that they not sauce them.


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    1. re: Scott

      Thanks for the tip Scott. Can't wait to try them.

      1. re: Scott

        I stopped by Big Al's yesterday, but they were closed :(
        When I catch them open, I will post my review. Happy New Year!

        1. re: toejam

          Went to Big Al's again today and they didn't have beef ribs! (arrrgh...) The guy behind the counter said that they will have them tomorrow, or definately by Thursday when they are the daily special. Hurry up and wait, I guess... I am beginning to think that there aren't really any cows in Texas.

      2. Also beef ribs at Riscky's in the FW Stockyards.

        1. Most of the Sonny Bryan's locations should have beef ribs. It was always a weekly special. It depends on the part of town you are in, I believe that Ye Old Butcher shop in Downtown Plano also has them as a special during the week.

          1. sonny bryans are my favorite. i lived near the inwoood rd location for 13 years and the smell was so good i wanted to lick the building. they used to have irregular hours tho....closed once they sold out. which was just about every day. it looks like a total dump,,,once again ya can't judge a book/

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              I live near the Inwood location too, but when I was there last week, they only had pork ribs on the menu. I didn't think to ask them about beef. Next time I will.

            2. Angelo's in Ft Worth - white settlement. da best!

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              1. re: kimih1226

                I have been wanting to head over to Ft. Worth. Now I know where I am going to have lunch (and dinner?)! Thanks to you and Buck for the tips.