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Dec 30, 2006 02:52 AM

Viking Induction Cooktops

Any CHers out there have experience with the Viking induction cooktops? Pros/Cons over gas or electric? Any insight is appreciated.

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  1. Go here first:

    Any induction cooktop will have these advantages over gas and electric:

    1. Much higher energy efficiency, I've read as high as 95%. This is because very little energy escapes into the air, thanks to the induction coils acting directly on the iron in the pan. Your kitchen will not get as hot. Gas and electric are under 50% efficient.

    2. Near-instantaneous temperature changes.

    The disadvantage is that you must use cookware that is compatible with induction. This means cast iron, some other iron-core, or magnetized stainless steel. Copper won't work, nor will aluminum or stainless that is not magnetized.

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