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Dec 30, 2006 02:50 AM

Bonefish Grill [moved from Mid Atlantic board]

I heard that the Bonefish Grill will be opening up in Brick in the next few weeks. Has anyone ever eaten at any other one? If so, please post opinions. If it turns out to be a good, it would be a big boost to this area where good restaurants are a rarity.

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  1. I ate at their location in Greenbrook once. It was "okay", but not up to my expectations. While I am generally not a big fan of chain restaurants, I do like McCormick & Schmick's, and I found Bonefish to be inferior to M & S. However, I do have to say that I was impressed with Bonefish's efficiency in handling reservations. They seated us exactly on time, which was a nice change from most places.

    If your area has a shortage of decent restaurants, then perhaps Bonefish will improve the environment there. However, since my area (New Brunswick, Somerville, and environs) has many good places to eat, I doubt that I will be returning to Bonefish any time soon.

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      Ate at the Bonefish in Deptford Saturday night. Previously, we had eaten at one in Sterling, VA about 5 years ago and that one was pretty good. Deptford is a different story.

      Here's what I think I dislike. Everything on the menu is pre-prepared. Typical chain. My wife could not order grilled tilefish, but could order tilefish picatta. ??? Apps we had calamari and ahi tuna sashimi. Tuna was ok - calamri was like fried rubber bands. Entrees were tilefish picatta and grouper thermdor. Both OK. Desserts were bananas foster and creme brulee. Again both OK - nothing spectacular. And 2 cups of the absolute strongest coffee I have ever had - and I like a stout cup of coffee.

      No need to head back.

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        I second "Ted". I live in the same general area & have also eaten at the Greenbrook restaurant. It was o.k., but nothing we'd go out of our way for again. (McCormick & Schmick's is definitely much better.)

      2. I ate at the new location in Brick last Monday and arrived to a nearly full restaurant at 4:45 pm (I didn't have a reservation, but was promptly seated at one of the last remaining tables). For me, it was a great alternative to chains that I often frequent because they are child friendly. Bonefish was also child friendly (kids are provided crayons to doodle on the white paper tablecloth). I thought the shirmp appetizer they pushed on us was so-so, but our entrees of grilled Mahi Mahi and a pasta dish with shrimp were both good. One of the owners spent time chatting with us and had a great attitude and was very eager to please. I'd return, but probably not without a reservation.

        1. I've eaten at one in Florida in the past. It is better than something such as Red Lobster because the fish is prepared in more varied ways. For a chain it is pretty good, but not on par with some of the restaurants in Philly or anything like that. But if it's local and not too much of a drive, it's worth a visit.

          1. I've eaten at Bonefish at few different locations and love it. If you like something with a little kick try the bang-bang shrimp. Service has never been a problem either.

            1. they are also opening on Rt 1 in Woodbridge. I ate at the one in FLorida. A step up from Friday's, thats about it. NOT great but beats red lobster.... ugh

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                I think that this fits the definition of "damning with faint praise"!

                Being better than Red Lobster is hardly a recommendation in my book, especially when the prices are at the level charged by Bonefish Grill. As I had said in my earlier posting, I doubt that I will be returning to any of their locations anytime soon.