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Dec 30, 2006 02:48 AM

Fun, hip, reasonable group dinner next Saturday

Help - we have 3 couples coming to see us next week. We're all on a budget but would love some place fun and hip with good food. Our friends are staying in Chelse but we're on the UWS.

We went to highline last time and had fun but the food was subpar. We've also taken them to Omai, Parish (now the much worse, Sauce), Red Cat, Bottino etc.

We're a group of 9 and are open to any place in the city (even off the island!)

I am thinking of employees only or schillers for the scene but would love input.


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  1. I like both EO and Schillers - I think the food is better at EO (they have excellent steak tartare, surprisingly). Stanton Social might be an idea too - I haven't been in over a year but I took a large group there and it was reasonbly priced and fun to share.

    1. Stanton Social is good for groups, I tend to do birthday parties there. Lots of fun. Mai House seems to be another up and comer, liked the food and atmosphere (very trendy) when I went and Bruni just gave it two stars so there probably will be some buzz.

      1. rialto or paladar are good options as well

        1. Hi,

          I recommend Spice Market - the food was good, atmosphere and ambience excellent. I went with a group of about 7.