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Dec 30, 2006 02:41 AM

Coconut Grove (Dundas West b/w Centre & Chestnut)

Went for the first time today. Busy little spot considering most people were off work today. Tried the butter chicken w basmati rice ($3.50 plus tax) - ok, obviously very reasonably priced. Would return but would order something else. A number of other people were having roti which looked good. Goat was almost sold out if that's an indication of what's good.

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  1. One of the best roti shops in Toronto, imho. And the couple that runs it are among the nicest people in any lunch place downtown. Been a regular client since the original location at Yonge/Dundas, and happily followed them to "the dark side" - that is, west of Bay.

    I always have the same thing - a vegetarian combo roti, which usually includes cabbage, carrots, potatoes, eggplant and sundry other items, plus channa. A meal bigger than your head for $5. Also worth trying: the homemade maubi, a licorice-flavoured cold drink that goes perfectly with the meal.

    Just don't check your blood pressure - or your cholesterol - immediately afterwards. :)

    1. I work around the corner from there, and I grab a roti for lunch every once in a while. But only on days when I'm really hungry, 'cause they're frickin' huge! They're not quite as good a Island Foods, IMO, but still some of the best roti I've had in Toronto.

      1. I might prefer Coconut Grove to Island Foods, myself -- but it's been too long since I had the latter to really compare. Some of my co-workers find the inner layer of the roti (chickpea flour?) to be too dry.

        Last few times I was there, they haven't had doubles -- perhaps they stopped making 'em?

        Either way, I've had the boneless chicken roti lots of times. It's quite large, and a little potato-heavy for my taste, but still yummy.

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          Thats me. I will never get past that inner layer of dry crumbly chick pea. Cant stand the texture/mouth feel. There are a couple of places that serve that style of roti. THANKFULLY Island never does!

        2. Up until this summer I worked around the corner from Coconut Grove, and do I ever miss their fantastic jerk chicken.

          It's not exactly the same each time, so some days it's better than others, but regardless of the low price it's my favorite in Toronto--the Halal meat is moist and tender, and the jerk seasoning is spot on. Disturbingly addictive!

          So far, I found their foray into East Indian foods to be... er, not so great... I recommend you stick to the West Indian goodies here.

          1. Where is Coconut Grove? I know Island Foods on Don Mills? BTW, the lentil layer is actually between two layers of roti, but it's so fine I guess it sticks to the one that it was rolled more onto... .... I have a great recipe for doubles if you'd like to try it at's really simple but you have to roll the bara (bread pieces) really thin before you fry them or they come out huge!!! (by experience...)

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              It's at 183 Dundas Street West, just west of Chestnut (south side). That puts it slightly closer to University than Bay.