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Dec 30, 2006 02:23 AM

Flavoured espresso beans?

Hi all,

Does anyone know where I might be able to find flavoured espresso beans in Toronto? We have the Nespresso machine at the office and I've fallen in love with the vanilla pods (I know, all you hardcore espresso connaisseurs out there are shaking your heads at me) but I have a regular (uses espresso beans and is also E.S.E. compatible) espresso machine at home and I've only been able to find plain espresso beans so far.

Any hints or suggestions?

And while I'm asking, does anyone have a favourite place to buy espresso beans in the city, flavoured or not?


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  1. Ideal Coffee in Kensington Market (84 Nassau) has really great freshly roasted beans. The espresso they make on-site is the best I've had in Toronto.

    As for flavoured beans, there's a place in the St. Lawrence Market, just inside the front doors, that has a big selection. Don't know if they're any good, though.

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      1. You likely won't care, but using flavoured coffee beans in your espresso machine has the potential to flavour your machine semi-permanently (at least, the taste can be hard to clean from the machine). Just a warning.

        In my opinion, the best place in the city to buy coffee beans (for espresso and otherwise) is Birds & Beans, at 2413 Lakeshore West in Mimico. They are, as far as I know, the only non-mail-order shop in Toronto that roast-dates their beans. Lots of organic, fair-trade and bird-friendly beans as well. I'm pretty sure their beans are available elsewhere in the city as well, but probably not as fresh.

        1. Thanks so much for that tip - I do care about that. I still love my plain, unflavoured espresso!

          Perhaps I'll just stick to the flavoured at work.

          I'll check out all of your suggestions, estragon and detritus. Thanks and Happy New Year!

          1. I don't use flavoured beans, but can tell you where I buy beans from.

            I order them from Dark City Coffee Company.

            They used to have a roastery/cafe on Danforth Ave.

            Recently, I bought a new espresso machine and grinder from the Green Beanery, and learned that they also sell green and roasted beans. I really like their "Come to Papua" blend". They are on Brunswick Ave just south of Bloor.

            Their website is