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Dec 30, 2006 01:22 AM

Simply Vietnam in Santa Rosa

Simply Vietnam seems to be the best Pho in the Northbay at this time. I enjoyed a very good bowl of Pho today with some relatives. We all had Pho, two extra larges and one large. The extra large was just a dollar more, they are huge. I brought half home. My brother is a huge eater and did not finish his, his son, a big guy himself, barely finished his large.

Ok, so the bowls are big, but the broth meet my brother's number one priority, he loved it. I thought the broth was outstanding also. The noodles were not a mushy mess and all stuck together. Tons of meat, and the best tendon I have had anywhere. Fresh veggies, with a fair amount of basil for this time of the year, no brown sprouts, nice juicy lime, and the jalapenos were hot. All the usual condiments present.

Service was quick to seat us, take our order, and serve us as well. The place was re-opened about 3.5 months ago. It's nicely redecorated, very clean. Prices are inexpensive. The place is busy, many Asians in attendance, for good reason I believe.

I really like this place and hope to explore more on their menu.

They are on Dutton just south of College.

Btw, $5.75 for a large, $6.75 for a extra large.

Simply Vietnam
966 N. Dutton Ave.
Santa Rosa , CA 95401
707 566 8910



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  1. THANKS for this information. Can't wait to try their fresh spring rolls.

    1. I will have to agree that this place has great service, is wonderfully CLEAN, and serves up tasty food. The BBQ pork with rice was excellent, and the fresh spring rolls were comparable to some of my old favorite places in LA. I wish they had three bean drink though...
      However, although the atmosphere is not nearly as nice, the Pho place on Stony Point still has much better broth in my opinion.

      1. Of the three places we typically get Pho when we go out, Simply Vietnam (and previously Cam Ran Bay) is the only once where I will order a variant that doesn't have a fatty meat thrown in to boost the broth's flavour. If you like a particular spice in your broth maybe another is better, but then that's what the accompaniments are for isn't it? For good, base beef flavour to build on they have a winner, and as a sied benefit I don't have to order soup with something I'm going to pick out just to bolster the overall taste.

        As to the rest of their food, honestly since the change I really only order the Pho. Previously I'd get the grilled pork/prawns rice place or one of the other dishes, but they just don't do them the same now... or rather they do them much the same as everyplace else. Before, I liked the fact that they got a nice crispy grill on the pork, with some good bite to it. Now they do the same thicker, slightly chewy and less "grilled" pork as everybody else. It's good, make no mistake, just not the same. And why not eat to a place's strengths? For me it's Simply Vietnam for the Pho, Lee's for the rice plate dishes. Pho Vietnam is good for both, but not good enough to get me near Food 4 Less at all regularly on the chance that their 10-people-and-it's-packed dining room will have someplace to sit without being part of the flow of foot traffic.