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Dec 30, 2006 01:21 AM

Sympathy Food

I just found out a local family in our town has lost their patriarch. To make matters worse, the eldest son was hit by a car while walking on a sidewalk 5 days before Christmas. He's in a rehab center but came to the funeral today. The church gave them dinner tonight, but we want to bring them something tomorrow. I'm thinking of fried chicken, cornbread, green bean casserole, cream cheese brownies, and some cinnamon rolls to keep for the next morning. We'll bring soda, cups and plates and plastic utensils, too.

I don't want to ask them what they need, as that seems like an imposition, but I want to bring something later in the week, too. I'm considering just some cold cuts, cheese, rolls, and condiments at lunchtime, depending on what I hear through the grapevine about what others are providing. I'd love to hear suggestions for the family, and what would you take to the son in the rehab hospital? This is a midwestern family, with a animal farming background.

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  1. When my grandfather died, we appreciated all the thoughtful food gifts, but what was one of the biggest treats for us was a wonderful fresh fruit salad. We had casseroles and other rich foods coming out our ears, and we were all so upset that the best we could do was pick at anything. So the fresh fruit was a refreshing change from the foods with all the cheese and cream as well as being a little more easy to stomach, given our collective state of mind. So I would say something refreshing and wholesome, like fresh fruit and other things they can pick and nibble on but don't necessarily have to sit down and prepare a plate of.

    1. When my mom died, we appreciated the meat and cheese platters. It was easy to assemble a sandwich and go about our business. The fresh fruit salad is a great idea too..any salad really.

      1. Soup is comfort and easy on stressed systems. I would bring a big container of fresh chicken soup.

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        1. It's winter, so I'd say something hot, filling and better the second day. Stew, chili and cottage/shepherd's pie come to mine.

          1. When I was pregnant with my youngest son, I was ordered on bed rest and could not even stand to make meals.

            What was really nice were the casseroles that were brought over to us by my husbands work friends, our neighbors and our family. We were just so blown away on how good some of these dinners were. They were all in one dish, so we just had to get a salad together to round out the meal.

            We received about 6 dinners a week, and I can't tell you how much I appreciated the work and the thoughtfulness that was put into the casseroles. We truly loved them all. Even if it was spaghetti there is just something about someone else cooking for you that makes the food taste extra good.

            What a sweet thing you will do for these people in their time of grief.....sorry to hear about their troubles, but you're the best person ever to do this for them, and it will mean a lot to them, believe me.