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Dec 30, 2006 01:16 AM

Bombay Masala - Excellent New Indian Restaurant at Bathurst and Eglinton

Just had a lovely meal at Bombay Masala (416-782-4449), located at 953 Eglinton West. The decor is clean and simple, and the service was excellent.

The food was fresh and very flavourful. We started with an order of Bombay Choupati Chaat, which consisted of a combination of puffed rice, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and peanuts, in a mild tamarind sauce; quite delightful and refreshing.

Next came an order of very flaky, light Vegetable Samosas, containing a mildly spiced mixture of mashed potatoes and peas. The Chicken Pakora, something we'd never encountered on an Indian menu before, consisted of nugget-sized pieces of chiken coated in a very light battering of mildly spiced chickpea flour. Very delicious, and gobbled up by the very picky young teenager in our party, as were each of the other two appetizers.

For mains we chose Butter Chicken, the chicken in which was moist, in one of the better butter chicken sauces we've had in awhile. The Rogan Josh contained very tender large cubes of lamb in a thick, dark Kashmiri sauce. The Shrimp Tandoori was the only disappointment of the evening, the shrimp being on the small side and a bit mushy, and the tandoori spicing on the salty side.

Malai Kofta (cheese and potato dumplings in a cream sauce), Aloo Gobi, and Mattar Paneer were all very tasty, their sauces very dunkable with good naan that was just a bit too crisp.

The menu at Bombay Masala is quite small, but the sampling of dishes we had have us looking forward to our next visit. Take out and delivery are available, as well.

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  1. FlavourGals:

    Thanks for posting. I was wondering about Bombay Masala as it is close to home. It seems hard for a restaurant to survive in that location. It was an Italian restaurant prior and Mexican prior to that. Hopefully, they will have success.

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    1. re: garlicscapes

      I'm wishing it well. Mariachi's and a stream of Italian restaurants came and went, with no loss felt to the neighbourhood.

      Let's hope that Bombay Masala, along with Sado Sushi (also in a heavy "turnover" location), and the three or four other decent restaurants on the strip survive and thrive.

      1. re: FlavoursGal

        I tried it as well and it was excellent. The staff was exceptionally friendly as well. I hope that it does better than its predecessors.

    2. So do I. We're going back tonight. Great food, great service, excellent location for us.

      1. interesting as I usually consider Bathurst and Eg a wasteland for foodies. thanks for the scoop on this place.

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        1. re: lowchen

          Lowchen, there are actually some very good restaurants in the Bathurst and Eglinton area, including Sado Sushi, Sala Thai, Asian Monsoon, Boujadi, Jerusalem, and now Bombay Masala.

          Hardly what I'd call a foodie wasteland. Give the area another try -you'll be pleased.

        2. My husband and I just returned home from another excellent meal at Bombay Masala. We ordered completely different items from our first time there, and I think it was even more enjoyable this time.

          Our favourites so far: Lamb Vindaloo, Goan Fish Curry, Butter Chicken, Eggplant bhartha.

          The food is excellent, the service friendly and efficient, the kitchen a bit on the slow side. But they have been open for only about 3 weeks. This is the owners' first venture in Canada, and they said they have three restaurants in India.

          1. Oops! Bombay Masala was a complete disappointment tonight. We had that familiar craving for Indian, but none of us felt like going out. We ordered take-out, and everything tonight was mediocre. A few of the dishes, including the chicken pakoras and the bone-in chicken from a mixed grill, tasted like they'd been cooked previously and reheated. The butter chicken was so-so, and we did not receive the lamb dish we'd ordered but, rather, another not-great chicken dish in its place. The naan was very crisp and, in some places, very burnt.

            We ordered a mixed vegetables dish that was supposed to be fresh vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce, but turned out to be peas, carrots, potatoes and paneer in a creamy sauce, almost identical to the mattar paneer (peas and paneer cheese in a creamy sauce) that we also ordered.

            I will definitely go back to Bombay Masala - every restaurant has its off nights. I'm really hoping that it will be better next time.

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            1. re: FlavoursGal

              What does a meal for two generally cost?

              1. re: andreal

                Hard to say, because we usually over-order. Today's meal could have served four people, and it came to about $96, including tax.