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Dec 30, 2006 12:31 AM

Sweetbreads in Phoenix or Scottsdale?

One of my new year's resolutions for 2006 was to try sweetbreads and tripe. I got around to the tripe (in pho), but not the sweetbreads. Any suggestions for restaurants in Scottsdale or Phoenix I can hit before 1/1/07 to check that resolution off my list? Where in town are sweetbreads done particularly well?

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  1. Gee, I don't recall sweetbreads on any menus - but they're easy to make, and you can find them at the Ranch Markets, Food City, and also (for very little) at WalMart SuperCenters. They're so inexpensive at the WalMarts, it's not inconceivable to cook them at home.

    1. I've never been, but, I'd try Voltaire. It's on the menu on their website. I'd research other French places, as well.

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        i've never heard of voltaire -- thanks for the tip. and great idea to look at other french restaurants' menus. will let you know where i eat them. maybe once i know what they're *supposed* to taste like (and like them), i'll try making them myself.

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          We didn't get the sweetbreads, but enjoyed a wonderful dinner just last night at Voltaire. I'll write a more detailed report of our trip later, but all four of us loved everything we ordered - including classics like Coquilles St. Jacques, filet mignon Oscar (with crabmeat, asparagus, and BĂ©arnaise sauce), duck L'Orange, and Steak au Poivre. Finished up with Cherries Jubilee and my favorite - Crepes Suzette. Friendly, gracious service also.

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            Thanks for the report back. I absolutely adore Voltaire and think it is the best "hidden gem" in the Valley. I had the Duck L'Orange and the Cherries Jubilee as well. Just classic and fantastic.

            You put a smile on my face by letting me know that it is still as great as it was when I went last year.

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              Thanks for your comprehensive review on Voltaire too, Seth. We're visiting family in Scottsdale this week, who suggested Voltaire, but wanted to know what "my" food board thought. It was nice to immediately pull up your detailed review with pics! I think our waiter was Robert, and he was great - professional and entertaining. Martin, the host and father of the chef, was welcoming and gracious (and also in charge of making our excellent cocktails). Tonight we're heading for tapas at Sol y Sombra (DC Ranch), have you been?

              Seth's review on Voltaire:

        2. I believe I actually had them a few years back at good old Durant's steakhouse downtown. IIRC, you had to ask for them, they were not on the menu. They were very good.

          1. Sweetbreads are usually a staple on both Vincent's on Camelback and A Different Pointe of View (Pointe Lookout Mountain Hilton, but detached and up the hill). I'm not a fan, but a good friend is. She says that Vincent's is as good as it gets, but really, really like the ones at DPoV, when Chef Jeffery Beason was at the helm. Unfortunately, I cannot directly comment on either.