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Dec 30, 2006 12:11 AM

Billadelphia's - An Authentic Philly Cheesesteak in DFW

I am so thrilled. As a Philly-area native, I thought I'd left my beloved cheesesteak 1500 miles away. Fortunately, I was wrong.

In the midst of a downpour, Mr. B made the trek to Billadelphia's in Euless (or Bedford, they all kind of just run into each other out here). He ordered a cheesesteak with American and mushrooms for me and a steak with onions, mushrooms and hots for himself. To be honest, I didn't expect much. Again, fortunately, I was wrong.

Mr. B said that when he picked up the steaks, he told the counterperson that he was taking this home to a native, and she'd be judging their product by what she knew. Her response? "We have nothing to fear."

She was right. They didn't.

This was an authentic Philadelphia cheesesteak. Not to sound gross, but the Philly steak has a certain amount of grease. When Mr. B came home and took the steaks out of the bag, the wrappers had grease spots. That was the first good sign. The meat was chopped fine and was tender. The cheese was combined in with the meat and melted. The roll was soft and fluffy, and soaked up the grease and juice of the steak. I could have gone either way on the 'shrooms, but they aren't what makes the cheesesteak. Mr. B's was just as good.

According to their menu:
they have Amoroso rolls, along with the other Philly items, shipped in weekly for their sandwiches. Some Philadelphians decry Amoroso's as a good cheesesteak roll (prefering something more crusty), but it's the brand I grew up with and it's what I prefer.

Your cheesesteak can come with a variety of cheeses, including American, Provolone, Mozz and Wiz. You can also get sweet or hot peppers, mayo, ketchup, mustard, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, onions and sauce to top it all off.

Billadelphia's also offers hoagies (subs), chicken cheesesteaks, burgers, dogs, pork roll sandwiches, panzarotti and scrapple (yes!) sandwiches. They offer fries, onion rings, poppers, chips and mozzarella sticks as sides. Also available are Philly specialties such as soft pretzels, TastyKakes, Goldenberg's Peanut Chews and Italian Water Ice.

I don't believe they have indoor seating, so it's pretty much grab and go. They may have a table or two outside, for when it isn't raining.

Will I be back? Oh, heck yes. And next time, hopefully it won't be raining, and I can spend some time chatting with the folks there to find out a little more about the business. I'm also ordering a cheesesteak hoagie (steak, American cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion and sweets) to see how they fare with that. I'm thinking they'll do it up just fine.

Until then, I highly recommend you make the trek out to Bedford, in the mid-cities by DFW Airport and check out Billadelphia's for the true Philly Cheesesteak experience.

Take it from a won't regret it.

Billadelphia's (the building is not marked as this
)4105 Airport Fwy
Industrial Blvd Exit (Hwy 157) off I-183
Bedford, TX 76021
(817) 684-8607

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  1. Thanks for the report! My friend who just moved back from Philly will be glad to hear this.

    1. Thanks QueenB! I'm from South Jersey and I miss that food more than you know. I've had to ship my Tastykakes and Goldenberg Chews in so that is an added bonus. Go Eagles!

      3 Replies
        1. re: Raynickben

          Yep but living in Plano Freds is pretty darn good philly. Not only that but the cleanliness of lack there of is quite authentic.

          That being said, I think my office is doing a road trip to Euless on Tuesday.

          1. re: irodguy

            irodguy, what did you think of billadelphia's vs. fred's?

        2. Glad to hear about this one. I've been trying to find a good cheesesteak in DFW for a while. Fred's didn't do it for me.

          Is the American cheese yellow or white? Is there a difference other than color between the two?

          A Delaware Subs recently opened in Fort Worth but I haven't made it out there yet. It was a staple when I lived in Austin. I'm not from Philadelphia, but it sounds the same except for the soft vs. crusty bread.

          5 Replies
          1. re: hobbes405

            white! American cheese is white! Yellow is cheese food product :)

            Speaking of subs (sorry if this should warrant a new post)... I really like Jersey Mike's subs (there's one on Greenville north of Lover's).

            1. re: gavlist

              They tried to convince me that their cheesesteaks were the real deal and better than the ones in Philly, because they made their own rolls. That is where their problem lies. And yes, American is white if you want something yellow get wiz.

            2. re: hobbes405

              The American cheese is white...the only way it should be! :-) I don't believe there is any difference but color.
              The Wiz will be yellow though...the only way THAT should be.

              1. re: QueenB

                Did you end up trying the cheesesteak hoagie? I've always been a huge fan.

                1. re: hhshames

                  I did, and I won't get it again. As far as I'm concerned, even in the Philly suburbs, only a few places get a cheesesteak hoagie right. It was too dry.

                  When I eat a cheesteak hoagie, it needs to be a ten-napkin sandwich! :-)

            3. We got side tracked on our last attempt. We are trying again next week weather permitting. My coworker did make it and thought it was far closer to the joints he is used to in New Jersey, Philly etc.

              We are planning on doing a mass order from the office and bringing it back here. I office at 190 & North Dallas Tollway, we find that it's about 20 minutes to hurst, so not a bad trip back and forth to pick up a feast.

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              1. re: irodguy

                don't get fries - although the cheesesteaks travel well, the fries get really soggy and unpleasant. I recommend chips (and some Peanut Butter KandyKakes for dessert).

                1. re: gavlist

                  Thanks good point. Will just get some fries to munch on the way back to the office, chips for everybody else :-)

                  1. re: gavlist

                    I went there yesterday for lunch. Good cheesteak. The 'spicy fries' were GD horrible! Way too salty and overspiced.

                    1. re: adkim

                      Now I know not to get fries. Thanks! I'll stick with the cheesesteaks for sure. And a TastyKake for dessert.

                    2. re: gavlist

                      Are there buttersctoch krimpets?

                      1. re: hhshames

                        omg I had to haul home 30 boxes of those from my brother's wedding - along with the 200 lbs of scrapple and pork roll...what a nightmare, drove home from Jersey with more than I left here with! But it made Dad happy, so I guess it was worth it - he's finished off the butterscotch krimpets and pork roll, still has some scrapple in the freezer. And in Jacksonville, Texas of all places - the super walmart here sold tastycakes for about three weeks right before halloween - mostly the seasonal stuff but they did have some of the butterscotch krimpets - bought all they had and took them to Dad. Wish they would start selling them all the time!

                  2. Is this that stand alone building along the freeway? I see it everytime i come home (TX expat in Phoenix... returning soon!) and want to try it out, but cheesesteaks are so hit or miss.

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