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Dec 30, 2006 12:04 AM

Best Mexican in Las Vegas

Who has the best Mexican food and margaritas?

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  1. You could do worse than one of the Michoacan outposts: Lindo and Bonito in town, Viva in Henderson.

    1. I prefer Viva Mercados. I find the Michoacans to have very bland food.

      1. I happen to like Diego in the MGM Grand. Yes, it's in a casino, and yes, it is a little expensive, but it has some creative dishes that you won't find elsewhere.

        1. Garduno's at the Fiesta and the Palms. It's New Mexican mostly, and not bland. On many dishes you'll be asked "red or green," meaning the chile. "Christmas" gets you both.

          Margaritas are great, and you have a lot of choices as to tequila, and variations on the margarita. I stick to the "regular" ones myself, but that's me. NM style margaritas are almost always on the rocks, but if you like them slushy they can accomodate you I think.

          1. I'm a big fan of the Michoacans. Love those homemade tortillas. If you want to go upscale, Border Grill at Mandalay Bay rocks.
            Have fun!

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              I'm no genius but married to a 1st gen Guadalara beauty going on 10 years I have a taste for mexican food. 1/2 my in laws are in MX still. We searched CH for good LV mexican food as we are going to vegas soon and hit this blog. So to add a bit of hope as my wife and I reviewed, Lindo, Viva, Gardunos, Diego, and Border grill menus. Bit of background : we don't consider Burritos mexican food as nobody in mexico knows of them past TJ. Lindo has what would appear the most authentic menu items for something beyond tacos. The others don't even look interesting with the exception of Viva Mercados Salsa menu (not the rest). We'll be heading to Lindo's there for sure likely none of the others and will report back after that trip.

              1. re: carmensandiego

                Las Vegas has become home now to some excellent Mexican cuisine over the past 10 years, but the best of it is hard to find - a lot of out of the way "Mom and Pop" storefronts that specialize from the particular region they came from. Your wife might be happy to know that a good Torta Ahogada, and decent Birria, can now be found. But some of these little places are the most difficult to recommend, because it is all about the food, and not the dining atmosphere, which is why there is not much mention on these boards. But we would certainly add Los Molcajetes (1553 North Eastern) to any list, and the new Mundo downtown (495 Grand Central Parkway) shows a lot of promise, with a more upscale approach.

                1. re: QAW

                  QAW summed it up pretty well. It's hard to recommend certain places because most folks who visit Las Vegas and want the Mexican restaurant "experience" are looking for elaborate decorations, strolling Mariachis, gallon size margaritas, etc

                  Like QAW pointed out, most of the places here in Vegas with what I would call the best Mexican food are the little mom and pop joints located far from the strip, and sometimes in let's say less than desirable locations. Los Molcajetes certainly fits this description. I've eaten there about a half dozen times and the food has always been excellent, but it is well north of downtown in a somewhat run down area. Worth the trip though IMO