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Dec 29, 2006 11:55 PM

Need 6 cooked and cracked crab in East Bay

I'm sending my brother in law to pick up the crab and need a good spot off 80 when he heads down from Sacramento. Is 99 Ranch off Central likely to have cooked and cracked crab around 2 PM on New Years Eve?

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  1. there was mention a little while back about cooked crab in the hot foods/deli section -- but those are probably seasoned and not what you want.

    have not seen cooked cracked crab at 99 ranch, only the live fresh ones.

    also.. the central exit off of 80 is a madhouse on weekends b/c of Pacific East Mall and Costco.

    1. Yeah Ranch 99 and Lyons Only sell live crabs You can get Fish Cleaned and deep fried. On The More pricey side You can always go to safeway..... The Fish monger will crack and clean your crabs...

      1. also at ranch 99.. you can have the ppl kill, clean, crack and cut the crabs -- you'll just have to steam them or however you prepare them yourself.

        1. Andronico's has never let me down for good cooked, cracked, steamed in season.

          Nearest to 80 from Sacto would be University Ave - might want to call first, though.