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CSA Farm weekly home delivery in LA?

When I lived in San Francisco, I always subscribed to the Terra Firma Farm (http://www.terrafirmafarm.com/) delivery service. Here in LA, I love my local farmer's markets, but I can rarely get to them due to my work schedule, and end up buying my produce at the supermarket too often for my taste.

Does anyone know of a Community Supported Agriculture service similar to the Terra Firma/Eatwell Farms model in Los Angeles?

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  1. Not exactly a CSA, but I've ordered both from organicexpress.com and paradiseo.com and have been very pleased. Matter of fact, not more than five minutes before I read your post I set up weekly delivery service through Paradise O. I liked Organic Express and their groceries too but Paradise O seems to have more variety and slightly better quality. (I prefer weekly delivery and organic express has had the same delivery items for over a month) Both say they buy mostly produce grown in CA, except in winter when there isn't much too choose from. I'll probably buy from organic express again to change it up every once in awhile- actually my plan was to do every other week from both companies but one delivers to me at the beginning of the week and one at the end of the week which doesn't work as far as spreading the produce out. The bananas and chard from organic express were defiitely the best I'd ever tasted and paradise O had a humongous beautiful head of broccoli and beautiful butter lettuce. I'm so glad I've started organic produce delivery, that supermarket crap is seriously a waste of my money after I've tasted the difference in organic. Definitely better tasting and fresher.

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      I realize that this is an old post but some of the info is still relevant. I'm wondering about
      how this produce compares to that at the farmer's markets and Whole Foods. I find that the farmer's markets are significantly better than at any store. Even so, sometimes it is difficult to buy real farm products that aren't from an organic industrial farm at a farmer's market. They often pick things early and sell things that are more on the level of quality of Whole Foods.

      Any specific info people's experiences with these delivery services is appreciated.

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        I also noticed what you say re. farmers markets.
        More & more I see stands basically reselling other people's goods.
        And/or goods that show up cold, as in "cold storage".
        But it's still the best ( or should I say: only ) alternative to WF / Albert's organics / UNFI &etc, that is: the "industrialized organic" food chain, where produce is picked up early, stored at 32F for as long as necessary, reactivated in ethylene chambers, with maximized shelf life and minimized or obliterated taste & texture.
        CSA experience: not too god, random selection, prices so so.
        Best FM around: Sundays in Hollywood. Large selection, lots of producers, free parking in adjacent streets.

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        I have never heard of organicexpress, I have heard of organoexpress.com. I have ordered great coffee and tea from Organo Express.

      3. Tierra Miguel Foundation has CSA delivery/drop off service at many locations in LA and OC.


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            Glad to help! I just signed up recently myself.

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              Beware: Tierra Miguel will provide you with a list of addresses where they deliver, you choose the one closest to you to go and pick up, but you must still drive to these places to pick up. No home delivery.

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              I did Tierra Miguel myself for several years -- with mixed success. Decent quality, but *very* limited selection. In the past I used to use CSAs to force myself to eat a greater variety of veggies I wouldn't normally buy for myself at the market -- but with Tierra Miguel I wound up LESS likely to eat a great variety because I had so much of one or two things like squash or swiss chard. I had to give a lot to neighbors. There was just so many days in a row I could eat chard. AGAIN. And then I really did have to supplement for some basics, like potatoes and carrots and onions and celery. How are you going to cook most things without a mirepoix?

            3. we did l.o.v.e. organic out of Venice, CA. loved it!

              1. I recently started getting delivery from Farm Fresh to You, (http://www.farmfreshtoyou.com). They do have delivery directly to your home or office address and you can choose delivery frequency, every week, every other week, or every month, as well as package/box size for each delivery. Once you're signed up you can also go online to their site and define if there are not particular items you want to receive. Have only received one shipment so far, but fruit and vegetable quality was extremely good for the price.

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                  How does it compare to the best at the farmer's markets?

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                    I am ordering from http://www.farmfreshtoyou.com now. I hope it is as good as it looks! I will report back..

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                    I've been getting deliveries from FFTY for months now and really like it. The quality is equal to what I find at local farmer's markets, but the selection is not as varied.

                    One aspect that I like that others might not is that some of the items in a shipment are not common so you have to use a little imagination when cooking.

                  3. My wife and i just signed up for a CSA that sources from a 14 acre organic urban farming operation in South Central LA. the place is called South Central Farmers (http://scfcoop.southcentralfarmers.com/). my wife also heard of another operation the sources from California's central valley called Abundant Harvest Organics (http://www.abundantharvestorganics.com/). we are planning to try a few different ones and then decide which one works for us. the concept is very interesting. you pick up an assortment of seasonal, organic, recently harvested produce (usually each week for pick up at a local farmers market) for a set price (usually $15 to $30 for a small bushel-sized box). however they vary with regard to payment options and how long you have to commit to the service. some require at least a 3 month commitment, others allow you to "pay as you go"... i'm hoping that this particular conversation string gets some decent activity so i can learn about some of the different CSA options in the LA area...

                    any additional recommendations would be most welcome.

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                      update on my experience with South Central Farmers' CSA. got it last week and it was a great mix of winter veggies for a great price ($15). The plus side about using this CSA is that this operation doesn't lock you in to a regular advance purchase or commitment and you can pay as you go so long as you order by wednesday if you are picking for the following weekend. the downside, however, is that i think that calling themselves "South Central Farmers" is a bit of a misnomer given that they were evicted from LA several years ago and now farm outside of bakersfield. i think there should be a little bit more "truth in advertising" here and they should re-brand themselves so that consumers in the los angeles area know that they are getting "relatively" local items, but not truly local... just rubbed me the wrong way a little...

                    2. I have been with Tierra Miguel. Not that impressed. They justify their prices by the biodynamic status of their farm, yet only half of the produce I have received is from their farm. Most of it is the same brands that you find at Whole Foods, like California Organics. I actually compared a shopping trip to Whole Foods to one of my deliveries and I was really unhappy when I realized I was paying more fore Tierra Miguel to deliver Whole Foods produces than if I had shopped it myself.

                      1. just bumping this thread to see if there has been any news with any of the above mentioned (or new) CSA/delivery options for fresh produce? thanks