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What to serve w/ Osso Bucco??

Finally settled on an entree for New Years and now I am stuck on building a menu around it. The shanks are a given as they were a gift so can't change that portion but what starch? Risotto? Pommes Anna? Classic mashed? I am leaning to serving a just a salad for green w/ lots of assorted greens. Any menu ideas?

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  1. I think a saffron risotto would be the traditional way to srve it but it would also be yum with some fresh papardelle pasta.

    1. Garlic mashed potatoes are a great choice tho risotto is a good one too....

      1. How about polenta:


        and some broccolini cooked with garlic and oil

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            Ditto orzo. Maybe with sauteed onions/red bell peppers.

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                That looks great, I'll have to try it. Thanks for the link.

          2. I serve it with gnocchi & works well, the recipe I make has enough sauce to go with it too.

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              I like your idea a lot.
              Makes sense to me to use gnocchi.
              hum, wonder if I have time to do that tonight.
              don't know if it's doable or not.
              the osso buco is in the oven.
              love the idea of fresh papardelle also.

            2. risotto is a fantastic idea. you have so many choices. butternut and pancetta. wild mushroom.

              for veggies, i've found carmelized brussel sprouts are always a big hit.

              1. I think risotto with a little hint of citrus flavor. Are you making gremolata for it?

                1. I was invited to a Christmas dinner where the man (hippie-dude) of the house was from Ireland... Also, they were vegetarians...

                  I was asked and expected to bring something...
                  I had two things in mind, and I'm only typing this to talk about one, because it blew me/us away...

                  Remember that Tyler Florence 'Tyler's Ultimate' show when he was in a cabin in Ireland with that gorgeous blond lass who prepared the famous Irish potato dish called 'Colcannon'?

                  Well, it popped in my mind and I went to the Food Network site for the exact recipe and then bought the ingredients...
                  Potatos, cabbage, scallions, butter, hot milk, parsley, salt and pepper...

                  Simple flavors, but it was one of the best things I ever ate...

                  With beef stew or Osso Bucco it would be killer...

                  I used Kerrygold Irish Butter for authenticity... Beautiful color...

                  People----- make this...


                  Just eating one of those potatos steamed in their jackets, smashed with butter, salt, and pepper, is unbelievable!

                  That's the way to cook potatos!

                  And btw, it was even better the next day...

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                    Bill - I'm serving Osso buco on Saturday night (never made it before but I"m an experienced cook and it seems to be highly rated) and I'm going to follow your advice and go with a linguini. I'm going to have an antipasta platter as appetizers and a salad with the meal. What would you recommend for dessert? Needs to be simple and Italian. I was going to make a flourless chocolate cake but I'm wondering if it's too heavy...

                    1. i would say orzo over risotto because osso bucco is quite a heavy dish with layers of flavor, and you want it to shine cleanly against the starch, i'm afraid a risotto might be too much...

                      my favorite has been a good linguini with a nice bite, with a bit of olive oil and maybe a little parmesan. no need to do much with your starch-- the sauce from the osso bucco served alongside will do it for you.

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                        I agree. Risotto can be a meal in itself, and many times is. You can always scratch the osso buco, and just make all these sides and have a wonderful meal!

                      2. don't forget the gremolata!

                        1. I had it served with Spaetzle, the german dumplings, and the vegetavle was braised brussel sprouts with bacon and onions. T'was wonderful and a nice twist on the risotto-osso buco tradition.

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                            That is a great idea! I think I will go with spaetzle. I have no made them in a long time and will be great to carry the flvors of the sauce. Thanks!

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                              swissfoodie, your meal sounds sinfully delicious.

                            2. yeah...keep the starch simple....you don't want too many flavours.
                              Make sure there is alot of fresh bread to sop up the osso buco goodness.

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                                That's what I was thinking, too; the no knead bread would be easy to make. And that crust would be great with it.

                              2. Risotto Milanese is the traditional starch served with osso buco. Not hard to prepare and very tasty just requires saffron, the most expensive herb in the world. Still, it's very yummy. However, if you did orzo, I would add a little saffron to it also.

                                1. Rissotto Milanese is the what I always serve with Osso Bucco, and yes it is wonderfully paired. For veggie you can get yellow crook neck squshed or the flower squash, just steam them.

                                  1. Absolutely Grilled herbed Polenta;Superb!!

                                    1. I love the ideas of spaetzle and gnocchi. How should I serve them?

                                      Should I pile the osso buco on top, or serve it alongside? And should I add any butter, cheese, herbs, etc to the pasta?

                                      (Also, FYI, I'll be preparing venison osso buco with some citrus & juniper berries.)

                                      1. I love when old threads answer the quesiton I have today.

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                                          thats awesome! I was surprised to see it resurrected but glad it helped.

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                                            I am reading this today for a Halloween dinner. Wonderful advice.