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Dec 29, 2006 10:41 PM

What 's the wierdest recipe you have found and would you attempt it?

Okay, I've been a member of chowhounds now for about a month and I feel fairly comfortable with all of you.

I have a wonderful collections of cookbooks that I have accumulated from all over for many years, stores, garage sales, used book stores, and hand-me-downs. I also have a huge collection of cooking magazines or those pretaining to entertaining with useful recipes and tips. I love them all. And yes I have too many, but I use them all. I also love and use the internet, and have binders full of recipes from different sources along with some of your (chowhound) recipes and suggestions.

And with that said, what is the most unusual recipe or noteworthy recipe that you've encountered. Have you attempted it or will you ever?

I have a couple one of them being in my beloved and precious Louisianna cookbooks. Although they are both facinating, I couldn't decide which one, "Squirrel Pie" (6) squirrels or "Coon a La Delta" calling for one racoon dressed properly...

Now my Dad was an avid hunter, and fisherman, so I am no stranger to game and fish. As a youngster, my dad a true gormet before his time offered us, squirrel. I remember it in a tomato base with wine sauce and tasting like "chicken".
But for the life of me, I did not know that racoon was an animal hunted for food. I mean seriously, they can be mean little guys!

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  1. Not too odd, but I remember my grandmother's homemade doughnuts out of leftover mashed potatos. As I recall, they were not that bad. (alas, I cannot say the same about her homemade rootbeer). I found her recipe card, and also have since discovered it isn't that unusual. I have a couple of ranch cookbooks, as well as a Wyoming Centennial cookbook that have the same or similar recipes.

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      My grandma makes those! It's a running joke because no one believes they're really made out of mashed potatoes.

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          I have a recipe for potato donuts with a lemon glaze that is wonderful; I too had not realized that donuts could be made from mashed potatoes rather than flour, and taste even better! They have a much more chewy texture, pick up the the flavor of the glaze better, and have an earthier taste with the thyme. If you would like a recipe for this, please see my blog at

      1. I tried it. Orange-leek soup. I don't know what possessed me, except the spirit of "That sounds SO WEIRD that I have to make it."

        It tasted EXACTLY like bile. A whole pot, minus one spoonful, was discarded lest someone else taste it by accident.

        1. Squirrle is great, just have to cook it right and fried is probably right. My wife has fixed it many times, complete with cream gravy, wonderful. Probably not as tender as rabbit but still very tasty.

          Coon is normally served with collard greens in the south. And you forgot to mention possem which is usually served with sweet potatoes.

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            It's "opossum", right? Weird, weird spelling....

            1. re: uptown jimmy

              Possum is the informal spelling of opossum.

          2. A few years ago, a friend of mine was embarking on a trip back to his homeland of the Philippines. He asked if I wanted anything as a souvenir and I said, of course, an authentic cookbook, preferably with English translations. He dutifully got me the cookbook, in English even, and I immediately sat down to read the whole thing cover to cover.

            One recipe threw me more than the others (and if you're at all familiar with Filippino food, you know how "challenging" a lot of it is) and it was the "Goat Stew" recipe. Nothing wrong with goat meat, as I've had it often in Indian dishes, but it was the preparation steps that did it for me...

            STEP 1: "Catch goat"

            The following steps involved "removing hair from goat with wire brush" and so on, so NO, I did not try the recipe.

            1. There is a wonderful cookbook called "Unmentionable Cuisine" that has a recipe for baked chihuahua...among other goodies. Have not used it yet.