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Fromin's Matzo Ball Soup

Was out running some errands and decided to stop in at Fromin's for some Matzo Ball Soup. Took it back to the office to eat. The Matzo ball is fine, but I swear there was ONE piece of chicken and 3 carrots. What a joke.

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  1. Matzah Ball soup often does not have chicken when it is served. The chicken is used to flavor it as it is cooked.

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      Ah. Thanks for that. I was kind of used to Junior's where I remember it having more actual chicken and more carrots.

    2. I had Kreplach Soup at Solley's in Sherman Oaks this week.

      Excellent dumplings filled with well spiced beef, good thick dough. Broth was rich and tasty, with lots of noodles and chicken plus carrot pieces.

      Of course, it was about $9, but complaining about that just makes you sound old.

      1. Traditional matzo ball soup does not have any pieces of chicken in it - and usually only one or two pieces of carrot, in my experience.

        1. In my opinion as a devotee of jewish delis, if your idea of a good bowl of chicken soup is one with a little fragment of chicken and a couple of little pieces of carrot, you've probably never had chicken soup at any of the great jewish delis that set the standard. The soup as described by the OP would have been sent back at any first class deli by any regular customer. A good deli waitress wouldn't even try to bring a bowl like that to the table -- Jewish delis aren't about serving as little as possible, they're about serving as much as possible - usually too much.

          Fromins, in my opinion, has decent chicken soup, but it's not one of the better local delis.

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            I would bet that you and the op are from back east and the other posters are not.

            Mr Taster

          2. At Canters they charge extra for chicken AND carrots!

            I was shocked.

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              Brent's charges extra for chicken in their soup as well!

            2. Label's Table, one of the few true delis in town, serves an excellent matzah ball soup with no chicken in it. If I remember correctly, Nate-N-Al serves theirs with little or no meat.

              1. The matzah ball soup at Fromin's is our secret recipe for the common cold.

                IN general it seems that delis will ask if you want chicken in it, I think Fromin's asks if you want noodles as well as matzah balls (or maybe that's Juniors). My time honored home cooking recipe for MB soup calls for chicken to be in it, but I've been served some very good ones by very good home cooks with the chicken completely strained out, with only a strong chicken flavor in the remaining broth, a few sliced carrots and some matzah balls. It's a matter of style and custom I think more than actual cuisine level, that is, I think a matzah ball soup can still be a very good and authentic matzah ball soup without chicken and with few carrots.

                1. I live fairly close to Fromin's in Santa Monica, and for years when I've had a cold, I get their "chicken in a pot" to go. It used to be about $10.95. You get a matzo ball, a kreplach, half a chicken (I think) lots of noodles, carrots and soup. You can ask to replace the kreplach (which isn't very good IMO) with another matzo ball. You can get three meals out of this at least. Last time I asked them to cut the chicken up for me and they did so willingly. They will also include half a rye bread with the order gratis. It's a good deal. They deliver promptly for no charge if you're close by.

                  1. Canter's also serves an amazing Chicken in the Pot. You get soup, half a chicken, a boiled potato, a huge matzo ball, a few kreplach, noodles, rice and carrots. Sometimes, they throw in some kasha but I always ask them to leave that out.

                    Canter's basic chicken soup is the way I always knew delicatessen chicken soup should be, with just broth and noodles or broth and rice or broth plus something else. No chicken, no carrots. I like it a lot. I used to like the chicken soup at Jerry's, which had actual chicken and carrots in it but the last few times, it's been so tasteless that I've given up on it.

                    1. when i grew up in brooklyn,
                      it was expected that there would be a difference between matzo ball soup (which didn't necessarily need to have much, if any, chicken pieces in it) and chicken soup (which should contain TONS of chicken pieces).

                      1. I think traditional matzo ball soup is primarily broth with a few veggies if any, but that's not my preference. I love the chicken pieces and soft vegetables and herbs. My favorite deli which serves their chicken soup loaded is Weilers which I've touted on here prior. Would love to hear other hounds opinion about this deli. There are three locations, only one I will eat at is the deli on Victory in Woodland Hills, the others pale in comparison.