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White queso in DFW area

I am looking for white queso dip and we live in the "mid-cities" area, however, we are willing to travel. If anyone knows of any, please let us know.

Thank you!

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  1. Call Benito's on Magnolia Ave. in Fort Worth. I believe I had it there.

    1. Benitos's has queso blanco flameado - if that's what you meant.

      As I recall, La Familia's queso is white.

      1. Monica's in Deep Ellum has pretty solid white queso.

        1. I recall Joe T's in Ft. Worth has a terrific slightly frothy white queso DIP that is one of our favorites. I also believe the chain Abuelo's has a white dipping queso.

          1. Raynickben's favorite, El Norte on Parker west of Custer in Plano, has very good white queso.

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              True Kirk. However the last time I was there, about 2 months ago, it was terrible. Well, not terrible, but not as great as it usually is. I'll give them another chance though before I take back my endorsement. Every restaurant has a bad day once in awhile.

              1. Another thought would be Mercardo Juarez on NorthWest highway west of loop 12 just before the bridge to Irving. It's been their for many years and has several good Quesos. They also have a good bbq cabrito (just don't let it get your goat..:-)) darn just could control myself.

                1. Bought some today! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!

                  1. The queso flameado at El Ranchito on Jefferson is quite tasty with the freshmade corn tortillas.


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                      Gotta second that one. That stuff is just fantastic. I really could eat just that for dinner. With those fabulous housemade tortilla's, of course. (Jeez. I wish I hadn't even thought of that.)

                    2. Aparicio's in Plano has what they call "CC's dip" - it's a white queso - but they put a dollop of guac in the bottom of the dish before pouring the Queso in. If you don't like it like that - just ask 'em to not put it in.

                      1. I think Fuzzy's taco shop has it.

                        1. La Joya in Las Colinas/Irving has a very good blanco queso.


                          1. I second that on the Leigh Oliver's. I just bought some a couple weeks ago. It's fantastic. Also, if you happen to not eat the whole thing in one sitting (which is heard not to do!), you can keep it in the container and heat it up later - it keeps for days and days.

                            1. In what section of Central Market is this found? Sounds like something I'd like to try.

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                                I get it at the Greenville Ave Whole Foods in that refrigerated section by the cheeses and prepared foods.

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                                  Across from the cheese section in the refridgerated section. Near the hummus and other queso dips.

                                2. Fuzzy's in FTW is the great!