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Last minute near the Ritz tonight.

Staying at the Ritz Carlton on Camelback tonight and am looking for a walking distance rec.

Capitol Grille
Ruth's Chris
Cowboy Ciao

Others near Fashion Mall?

Thanks always.

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  1. You can do better :)

    head to Padre's, 12th Street and Camelback (total walking distance). its fantastic.

    1. yipes!!! i'd run not walk from padres ;) capital grille is good, try christopher's fermier at the biltmore, wrights at the biltmore resort, sophie's on osborn and 24th, or heck, i'd take a 5 minute cab ride to richardsons...or the other direction to tarbells..

      fashion square mall, if that's what you mean? much closer to scottsdale...

      i had dinner 2 weeks ago at bistro 24 - i enjoyed it!! recently the ritz was doing an interesting buffet kind of thing on fridays, trying to appeal to the hipster vibe, live band kinda thing...

      hope that helps :)

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        do you really not dig padres? its one of my favorites, hands down. amazing food, great drinks, i even dig the atmosphere.

        i liked the food at lola's, but i can't deal with the communal seating.

      2. what was i thinking - 10th street and camelback - lola for tapas...mmmmmmm m

        1. i really don't - we've tried it about 3 times..right after it opened it was great, but lately its been not so good...so sorry to not like your places!!!

          however - i am totally loving the roosevelt..matt from matt's big breakfast...heading there now :D woo woo

          ps yeah - the communal seating can be a drag if you sit next to the wrong peeps :)

          1. the wine list at Cowboy Ciao is really great! the food was good too. The wine list... made it worthwhile. DON'T GO TO THE PINK TACO, OR PINK TATTOO or whatever that place is called.

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              That would be Pink Taco. It is quite possibly the definitive Scottsdale dining experience. That is to say, it's full of impossibly beautiful people paying way too much for hideous food.

            2. oh goodness, i just stayed at the ritz in november. the concierge in the concierge suite told us Christopher's was a good place. you may want to try it. it's in the Biltmore Fashion Park on the right side as you face it from the Ritz.

              1. Well, though Padre's and Lola's are both great recommendations, I wouldn't really say it's some quick walk away. Padre's is a nearly 2 mile trek from the Ritz-Carlton, not to mention Lola Tapa's, which is even a bit farther.

                As it stands, if you don't have a car (and don't take a taxi), restaurants in (or very near) both the Biltmore Fashion Park and the Esplanade are really your best bets.

                Christopher's would be my first recommendation.

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                1. re: Grey

                  actually, is not even a mile and a half(and lola's is exactly a mile and a half), and its not warm out or anything. there is also a bus along camelback, and of course, taxis...i know people don't walk here... but that's not a long walk in a city.

                  i guess there are a zillion places at the esplanade and biltmore... but truthfully, how many of them stand out anymore? they've overpriced and underwhelming these days, save for a few. personally, being a foodie, i think those two are eons above, in atmosphere, food and value, anything going at christophers...

                  1. re: hzp

                    8th St to 24th St is at least 2 miles. If walking a total of 4 miles for dinner is something they want to do, they yes, by all means they should do it.

                    Exact distances aside, my point was simply that I just didn't want the original poster to get the impression these two restaurants were just around the corner from their hotel (by foot), because they're not.

                2. For amazing southwest fare, grab a cab! It's not far...south on 16th Street...just past Thomas, west side of the street. Maybe three miles? Barrio Cafe. Simply fantastic.