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Valentine's Day Brunch in NYC

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Help! My neice is getting married on Valentine's morning in NYC and we are looking for an elegant & yummy brunch. Is the Rainbow Room a good choice? Any other ideas? Thanks and Happy New Year.

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  1. Looking at the calendar, I see that Feb. 14, '07 is a Wednesday. I don't think there is any upscale/celebratory restaurant that serves brunch mid-week.

    1. I believe that Balthazar serves breakfast 4 days a week. I'm actually not a big fan of their brunch, but I know a lot of hounds are. I think Balthazar's sister restaurant, Pastis, also serves breakfast during the week.

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        If we're talking about breakfast as opposed to brunch, that opens quite a few upscale/elegant possibilities. For example, Town serves breakfast, and the gorgeous space definitely has a celebratory feel. And I've heard that Jean Georges serves breakfast. I've never dined there, but I'm guessing it would be a lovely place for a wedding breakfast.

      2. The food at the Rainbow Room is not good. And it's not even a restaurant anymore.

        What time do you want to eat, and how many people? If it's at noon, you are really talking about lunch and then you have many, many options.