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Dec 29, 2006 09:38 PM

Good Chinese or Japanese in Albany, NY Area

Anyone know where we can get good Chinese, Japanese or Korean food in Albany, NY area. We have been to Plum Blossom in Troy but was wondering if there is any where local that has good Chinese food.
We also have been to Koto but was not that impressed, although this was when they first opened.

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  1. I've heard lots of good things about Ocean Palace on Central Ave near Westgate's Plaza, but have yet to try it myself - there are a number of posts about chines and japanese restaurants in the Albany area if you have the time to do a search.

    1. What about Mari's Japanese restaurant a few blocks behind Union College in Schenectady. Used to be quite good. Haven't been there in a while...

      1. You know, I'm from the Amherst MA region and have never found Chinese food to compare to Panda East...I absolutely love their veggie dumplings, sesame noodles and broccoli with garlic sauce.

        I have found smaller places such as Sushi King and Lee Tang in Troy to be fair, but not like I'm used to. They have many RPI students that frequent there..... I am desperate!!

        I will plan to save this thread and check often..I'm so glad you inquired!!

        1. Saso's Japanese Noodle House is the best Japanese food in the area hands down, but I'm not sure they're still open for lunch - http://sasos.com

          Some people also like Sushi House on New Scotland, but I find their sushi quality to be a little dicey sometimes. Their cooked foods aren't too bad, though.

          Ocean Palace on Central Ave and Emperor's on Wolf Road are rather authentic Chinese in the area.

          Sushi King in troy is awful now.

          1. Sushi King update - I had a disappointing meal, greasy pork dumplings and average veggie dumplings. The shrimp with black bean sauce was tasty but the sauce was too mild (looking for more spice) the cold sesame noodles were to peanutty..

            The broccoli with garlic sauce was good. And the delivery was great.It's my last time there.
            Happy New Year !