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Good Chinese or Japanese in Albany, NY Area

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Anyone know where we can get good Chinese, Japanese or Korean food in Albany, NY area. We have been to Plum Blossom in Troy but was wondering if there is any where local that has good Chinese food.
We also have been to Koto but was not that impressed, although this was when they first opened.

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  1. I've heard lots of good things about Ocean Palace on Central Ave near Westgate's Plaza, but have yet to try it myself - there are a number of posts about chines and japanese restaurants in the Albany area if you have the time to do a search.

    1. What about Mari's Japanese restaurant a few blocks behind Union College in Schenectady. Used to be quite good. Haven't been there in a while...

      1. You know, I'm from the Amherst MA region and have never found Chinese food to compare to Panda East...I absolutely love their veggie dumplings, sesame noodles and broccoli with garlic sauce.

        I have found smaller places such as Sushi King and Lee Tang in Troy to be fair, but not like I'm used to. They have many RPI students that frequent there..... I am desperate!!

        I will plan to save this thread and check often..I'm so glad you inquired!!

        1. Saso's Japanese Noodle House is the best Japanese food in the area hands down, but I'm not sure they're still open for lunch - http://sasos.com

          Some people also like Sushi House on New Scotland, but I find their sushi quality to be a little dicey sometimes. Their cooked foods aren't too bad, though.

          Ocean Palace on Central Ave and Emperor's on Wolf Road are rather authentic Chinese in the area.

          Sushi King in troy is awful now.

          1. Sushi King update - I had a disappointing meal, greasy pork dumplings and average veggie dumplings. The shrimp with black bean sauce was tasty but the sauce was too mild (looking for more spice) the cold sesame noodles were to peanutty..

            The broccoli with garlic sauce was good. And the delivery was great.It's my last time there.
            Happy New Year !

            1. I second the suggestion of Emperor's on Wolf Road. It's excellent, authentic, Hong-Kong style Chinese. Not too many spicy choices on the menu, but many unusual items not found at other restaurants. Excellent bowls of noodle soups, too.

              I think the only Korean food in Albany might be at Ta-Ke at the corner of Northern Blvd and Albany-Shaker. The Korean food we've had there has been reasonably good. Not fantastic, but when you've got a craving for Bi-bim-bap it does the trick. They also do Japanese hibachi show cooking and those meals are also good.

              1. There is a newer Chinese restaurant in Schenectady that is worth a mention here. Shanghai Bistro on State Street ( http://www.shanghaibistro-us.com/ ) is quite good. It's definitely a notch above most of the Chinese that I've found thus far in and around the Capital region.

                Mari's on Van Vranken in Schenectady still has very good sushi. I highly recommend this little gem of a restaurant!

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                  Mari's is quite good. It used to be out in Scotia, and before that out by Knolls and we followed them everywhere. I guess you can tell when I went to college...

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                    Yup. It used to be on River Road and after that out on Route 50. The new location makes it very convenient. They have very good lunch specials there as well.

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                      I remember how packed that place was come the weekend!!!

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                    Mari's is open? I've driven by there many times in the past 2 years and it always appears to be closed?

                    In any case, I too recommend SHANGHAI BISTRO. I'm a NYC transplant and this is as close to what I'm used to as I've found. I'm particularly fond of the soup dumplings and the steamed sea bass. Pan fried dumplings and Salt n' Pepper Calimari are also quite tasty. For take-out Chinese, I recommend New Tai Wah for seafood and pork dishes. Ming's Flavor has the best "Dim Sum". Both are on State Street, in same general area as Shanghai Bistro.

                  3. I was just going to mention Shanghai Bistro. My husband went w/ some colleagues (all native Chinese) and said it was the closest to authentic they’ve had here. We haven’t eaten in yet (they have a weekend dim sum we intend to try) but have had take-out/delivery several times. Sadly, their xiao long bao was a huge disappointment, but the other dumplings were above average and the spicy pork and shrimp dishes (I sadly can’t remember the names now) we flavorful and more spicy than the norm for American Chinese. Ocean Palace has a good and probably the most authentic dim sum. Tai Pan in Clifton Park is a bit more upscale (it is owned by the Plum Blossom guy, I understand) and we have had good experiences there in the past. Saso’s is still quite good and my sister swears by Ichiban for vegetarian choices. The old Van’s Vietnamese was great, but we haven’t checked out the new location on Central Ave. yet. My Linh (next to the Spectrum) is very good and more upscale – a bit pricey for the food but worth it if you want a nicer dining experience.

                    1. Hi: For Chinese - definitely Ocean Palace and Emperor's on Wolf Road, Colonie, are my favorites. OP has passable dim sum and both make great wonton soup, with delicate home made dumplings.

                      For Japanese - Saso's is best in Albany, with Sushi House on New Scotland as a second.

                      My Linh is Vietnamese - I have found it uneven, but on MAdison Ave downtown, a few doors up from Lombardo's, and where Van's used to be, another Vietnamese place has taken their place. I apologize - I don't know the name (something in Vietnamese...) however it is excellent. As good as Vans was, maybe better.

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                        Chinese - we've found the food at the Gold Coin in Slingerlands to be excellent, very light and not overdosed with salt, sugar and that glossy corn starch slurry.

                        Japanese - Saso's is wonderful. No longer open for lunch though.

                        Vietnamese - We've eaten many times at Van's new location on Central and the food has been wonderful each time. I tried to take a friend to Hai-Au on lower Madison a few weeks ago (near where My Linh was before their move to Delaware and where Van's used to be), but the woman outside said they are closed for good, but to try Van's, I think she said they're from the same family.

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                          I'm sorry to hear that Hai Au is closed. I thought the food was better than Van's and much more reasonably priced. And the service was better. But the few times I was there I think we were the only table occupied.