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Dec 29, 2006 09:28 PM

Anstruther Fish Bar

I used to think this the best fish and chips place in Scotland. I went after it changed hands: not bad, but quality seemd to have deteiorated along with hike in prices.

Anyone else agree??

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  1. I went there in late November - but I've only been once, so I don't have anything to compare it with. I don't eat fish and chips very often, but I really liked it - the batter was lovely, light and crisp (I often can't eat the thick greasy batter most chippies do) and the fish was fresh and moist. I was also impressed with the chips - most chippies make chips which are fat and soggy (which have their own charm when you're in the mood, or after lots of beer and with plenty of salt and vinegar) but these were really nice and crisp.

    My friends (more experienced than me in these matters...) all said that it was the best fish and chips they'd had.

    1. I must disagree there mate - it's the only place I'll eat fish and chips from these days. The prices don't appear to have gone up in years, they're still much cheaper than our local chippie and the portions are huge. I believe the owners have their own fishing boats too so the quality is top notch. mmm fancy a fish supper now!! lol