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Dec 29, 2006 09:25 PM

Bellissimos and Coras pizza places downtown.

I tried both of these places, all I can say is both SUCK big time.

Pizzas covered with yucky messy cheese and poor stodgy dough.

Tasted better from the freezer section at any supermarket.


If you want take out pizza, stick with Pizza Pizza.

Or Dominos

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  1. Coras margherita pizza is awesome. The crust is great as is the fresh toppings and sauce. That being said they do have some crappy looking combinations which I have never tried.

    If you were a friend of mine I would plead you to go back and try the Marg slice. Delicious basil! Beats any other I have tried.

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      I second Cora's. Was just there about a month ago, the last time being years ago when I was at U of T. Tasted exactly the same, and the best slice I have had in a while. I had pepperoni.

    2. For good pizza try Terroni (any location) or Mercatto on Toronto Street.

      1. Post bar/club/lounge, I find Cora's a nice late night alternative to Chinese or Burgers. The pizza while not the greatest is generally better than Pizza Pizza and is quite decent if you can get a pie fresh from the oven.

        I have been disappointed by the slices from Papa Ceo's next door, I would rather eat a slice at Sam's Club.

        1. I'm usually a Cora's fan but their cheese has been crappy lately. Last slice I had it was a slimy translucent mess.

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            I like Cora's but really, the only slice that I like is a Garlic Slice. The crust is a little thick, but the garlic's good.

            1. re: Yongeman

              Yea I agree about the garlic being the other great slice aside from the very, very tasty Margherita. I used to get their raised dough sicilian version that was excellent but havent for many years. Could still be good.

          2. Does anybody out there know where I can buy Italian 00 flour to make my own pizza??? I live in Mississauga but would travel to Toronto if I had to.


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            1. re: elel

              00 italian flour is the cake flour if you want to make good pizza use strong flour

              1. re: Luisa

                Thanks for the advice on the flour but I have never heard of strong flour, where do I get it?