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Dec 29, 2006 09:20 PM

Jean's Thai Kitchen BACK?

I heard from a friend that Jean's Thai Kichen is opening up again on the Danforth east of Greenwood. Does anyone know anymore information? Hopefully its the original owners.

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  1. There is such a place under construction and the sign says "vegetarian". No idea as to the owners, though.

    1. If so, it would be the third incarnation for these people (at least). We started with their long-ago store at Eglinton and Duplex. Then, by happy coincidence, Harry came out of retirement and opened up around the corner from our house.

      We'd also seen the sign for the new resto, and dared to hope.

      Any word on timing?

      1. Update: my friend saw the owner in front of the restaurant last monday Jan 1 and he said they would be open within a week. Anyone that lives near by please keep me posted.

        1. It was open today when I walked by.

          1. East enders, Jean is back!

            I walked by tonight and said hello -- here's the skinny:

            - they had their grand opening last night. Hours are Tue-Sun, 5-10pm
            - it's full veg, with some soy-based 'duck' etc.
            - a slightly smaller menu than their Danforth & Woodbine location (though, sadly, no Mee Goreng)
            - a nicely appointed room, with prices are in the $8-9 range

            A very good day for the east end!