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Dec 29, 2006 09:16 PM

Davis Square bakery?

My wife and I have recently moved to North Cambridge, about halfway between Porter and Davis Squares. I vaguely remember reading a thread maybe during the summer about an amazing smell of baked bread coming from somewhere in the Porter/Davis area. Unfortunately my searching skills are failing to find this thread now.

My new digs are a bit of a schlep to get to Clear Flour for my usual baguette fix, so: anybody remember where this bread bakery in the Porter or Davis area might be?

And for anyone who is going to helpfully suggest High Rise Bakery, I don't have a car, so I do need to get somewhere a bit more T-accessible.


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  1. Japonaise has a stall in the Porter Exchange building (the old Sears building with all the Japanese food places in it.)

    1. Are you sure that you are not thinking about the Bike Path Donut thread?

      La Ronga Bakery on Somerville Ave isn't that far out of Porter, but certainly further than walking distance from you. Their bread and butter out of the retail store is pretty basic sub rolls, but they do some other european breads wholesale and some of those are available in the outlet. Its not Hi Rise (or even Central Bakery in Cambridge), but I do buy bread there pretty frequently. And yes it is easy to smell :-)

      1. I do believe you're talking about the Secret Donut Factory Thread, as itaunas mentioned. Here it is:

        As for bakeries, these two covered it. Meh.

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          That's the thread. Too bad for my memory -- last thing I need is a donut place ... oh well.


        2. No bakeries in Davis or Porter, unfortunately. You can get pretty good bread at Pemberton on Mass Ave. or at Dave's Fresh Pasta on Holland St. Otherwise, you'll need to walk to Fresh Pond...

          1. Only other bakeries I can think of even vaguely in the area are Petsi's Pies on N. Beacon in Somerville (maybe a 10 min walk from Porter Sq.) and DAnish Pastry House (corner of Winthrop and Boston Ave in Medford), a 20+ min walk out of Davis Sq.

            Oh, and a couple of Italian bread places down Somerville Ave. gong back towards Union Sq.