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Dec 29, 2006 08:52 PM

Coupa Cafe -- Beverly HIlls

Anyone eaten here? I've perused the N. Cal. board for comments on what I gather is the sister cafe in Palo Alto, but I can't tell if the Beverly Hills place has the same offerings, or is otherwise comparable. Any reactions appreciated.

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  1. Here is a link to Linda Burum's review in Yesterday's LAT.
    A friend of mine says she loves the coffee there, and the salads are quite special.

    1. Thanks for the info. I can't believe I asked about this the day after it was in the LAT.

      1. I ate there for breakfast last week. I had the arepa breakfast. It was quite good, the arepa was stuffed with a mixture of scrambled eggs and bacon, and it was served with a very nicely dressed salad. Attractive room and very friendly service.

        Unfortunately, I will not return because the place violates one of my pet peeves in a big way: The table heights are way too tall. Hence, as your eating, your plate is at the middle of your chest. I just hate that!

        1. Coupa Cafe is great. Really delicious stuff - I recommend trying any of the arepas, the sliced turkey panini is my favorite sandwich in LA, and the salads are fantastic. I had no trouble with the table height phenomenon, though I am relatively tall...

          1. Where is this place? It's not showing up on the link above nor on the LA Times website.

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              419 No. Cannon in Beverly Hills. They have a website but no menu, scroll down to the bottom for B.H. store:


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                Thanks! I hadn't heard of this place before and am always looking for good places to get lunch near work. Guess I'll have to venture over to Canon Drive one of these days :-)