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Westchester -- Authentic Japanese -- Hartsdale, NY -- Fujinoya

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Fujinoya Restaurant just opened on Route 100 near the "Five Corners" intersection in Hartsdale, NY on Route 100 (the former "Texas Cowboy" place).

As someone who enjoys (and is always seeking) "real" Japanese cuisine, I highly recommend this place.

We are talking authentic Japanese, no fake Korean or Chinese imitations. No rainbow kitchen sink rolls.

But, if you want real Kitsune Udon for lunch, fabulous Battera (all flavors, with the clear seaweed topping), OMG simply unbelievable Bara-Chirashi, Shishamo every day, etc. etc., all at reasonable prices and with the expected Japanese style service, this is the place.

No liquor license, or credit cards, but Meijiya and the Japanese liquor (sake, awamori, plum wine, shochu) store are a half block away -- simply BYO.

In any event, please help this place stay in business. While the interior layout isn't the greatest, the service, food, and authenticity more than make up for anything else in Westchester. And, don't be afraid to order sushi just because there is no formal sushi bar.

Oh, speaking of authentic Japanese...., be sure to check out the bathroom. Apollo, launch control......

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  1. I completely agree! I've already dined here about 8 times since it opened. Its a great casual family restaurant! But totally authentic Japanese resturant!

    1. Do they do cooked food too? While my wife loves her raw fish, I on the other hand don't touch the stuff. But I'm always looking to find new places where she can indulge herself.

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        Yes! Tempura, soba noodles, udon noodles, Teriyaki... alll the good stuff!

      2. I had dinner there on Friday night. The food was great! It's one of the few authentic Japanese restaurants in Westchester. They have some izakaya style dishes which cannot be found anywhere other than Manhattan restaurants. Some items are a bit pricey but then again, what's the price of quality and authenticity?? Cash only until they get their CC operating.

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          Ate there tonight and it was grand. My wife, who spent her formative years in Tokyo, was especially pleased to find some dishes on the menu she hasn't found anywhere in Westchester. Setting is intimate, service was friendly, and YES, the credit card method is up and running!

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            any chance you might have their phone number? Tried looking it up, but the number (for White Plains) was disconnected.

        2. Does Fujinoya have a lunch menu/lunch special or is it only whats on the menu?

          1. Don't have the new phone number, and they do not have lunch specials, although they have a less expensive lunch menu.

            1. Actually during the week, they have a lunch bento box of the day. Its A LOT of food for usually about 8 bucks! (think main dish (fish, katsu, noodles) PLUS california roll and shumai, and another side AND a salad!) its ALOT OF FOOD!!!

              1. Wow, thanks for the info. I'll definitely have to go back. I think this is the only place in the area which isn't in the city that serves real Japanese food (besides the food court at Mitsuwa).

                1. do you have an address? i've tried to find the place w/o success?

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                    I don't have the address but it's located just south of Hartsdale Ave next to IHOP and across the street from the firehouse & Chef Central.

                  2. Since I do not know the Japanese language this may be a silly question: perhaps Fujinoya is a common Japanese restaurant name. But wasn't this the name of the original restaurant ( few incarnations ago) located where Nanase is now? Does anyone remember? Is there any connection?

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                      They used to be located in the shopping center there. Same owner, same chef, new location.