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Dec 29, 2006 08:16 PM

lunch or dinner from Hyde Park to Tivoli (or Saugerties), preferably near good used bookstores?

For my birthday tomorrow, we are planning to do at least some of my favorite things:
--a movie
--used bookstores if possible
--one or more good meals

We live in Rhinebeck/Rhinecliff. My original plan was movies in Red Hook, the used bookstores in Tivoli and then dinner at the Madalin. BUT one of Tivoli's two bookstores has closed and the other has been reported to not be open this week.

Are there other things like this? I note that Saugerties lists some bookstores.

My ideal would be a nice lunch somewhere, a matinee, some bookstores, and then a dinner perhaps.

Here are places we already know and like: Gigi, Terrapin, Diaspora. My own preference is for spicy Chinese and Japanese. But I am up for anything that makes the original movie/bookstore/food plan work.


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  1. I had a wonderful meal at New World Cafe which is close to/in Saugerties recently.

    1. the used bookstore (NOT on the corner) in saugerties had more books / older ones than the one in tivoli next to santa fe...

      but new world cafe is a good 10-15 minute drive from the bookstore on the main drag. it's eclectic, got some nice spices, etc.

      personally, i'd recommend taking the train to nyc from poughkeepsie, hitting strand and a few other stores, maybe going to a 'classic' theatre down there, then hitting grand sichuan on the west side in midtown (or any of their locations which are NOT in chinatown) for some incredibly flavorful and spicy chinese (thank you, szechuan peppercorns!). is that something you can do?

      1. A brief interruption Folks, please remember Chowhound is about finding delicious food, postings focussing on general tourism are out of scope for this board.

        Thanks for helping us maintain the value of Chowhound as a dining data trove.