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Dec 29, 2006 08:05 PM

Phoenix restaurants - what's good? also scottsdale and tempe

What's good?

Joints I sort of know about heart attack grill (bu t i don't presume the food is any good?), pizzeria bianco?

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  1. Rancho Pinot Grill in Scottsdale. Try Nonni's Sunday Chicken.

    Also, Los Sombreros in Tempe on North Scottsdale Road.

    1. Some of my current favorites of the moment as listed in my profile:

      Christopher's Fermier Brasserie (Phoenix)
      Cornish Pasty Company (Tempe)
      Sabuddy (Scottsdale)
      Sushi Eye (Tempe)
      T. Cook's (Phoenix)

      Other favorites:

      Tarbell's (Phoenix)
      Eleve (Phoenix)
      Udupi Cafe (Tempe)
      Cafe LaLibela (Tempe)
      Lola's Tapas (Phoenix)
      Super Dragon (Phoenix)

      As for your specific questions:

      Heart Attack Grill -- never been there

      Pizzeria Bianco -- the following thread offers a variety of perspectives on PB:

      1. Heart Attack Grill is not quite as good as Fatburger. It used to be one of the best in town. It is certainly a lot of fun, though.

        1. Some more suggestions:

          Grazie (Scottsdale)
          Efe's (Turkish, Tempe)
          House of Tricks (Tempe)
          Los Dos Molinos (Phoenix/Mesa)