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Dec 29, 2006 07:51 PM

Italian Deli's in Lower Westchester???

My husband and I just moved here from Manhattan and we're looking to do a little get together for New Year's Eve. I know it's a little late to be asking, but does anyone know of a great Italian Deli where I could order a few appetizers, and a few main dishes...nothing huge, just good Italian food???

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Zuccarelli's Delicatessen & Prime Meats
    321 White Plains Road
    Eastchester, NY 10709

    1. I used to love Zucharelli's and have been friends with them since we went to school together as kids, but think that the A&S Latticini Pork Store in High Ridge Plaza on Central Ave in Yonkers is better.

      1. Though it's not a deli, A Mangiare on Palmer Road in Bronxville delivers consistently authentic, homemade food. I know that they had catered some food for a friend's party, and it was wonderful. For a Deli, just get on the Bronx River Parkway and head to Arthur Avenue where you can't go wrong on anything they make at any store/deli, etc.

        1. I agree with both your choices, roxlet, but I'll add two good delis on Mamaroneck ave. in the village of Mamaroneck. That part of Mamroneck is a mini Little Italy and there are a few good Italian places. The pizza at Sal's (especially the Sicilian) is legendary and the food at Mercurios deli and Alex and Cosmo's is good and fresh. I have had excellent things from Turco's on Central Avenue, but they recently sold to another company and I can't vouch for the food now.

          1. Amy, you have described exactly Dante's Deli on Central Ave. in Hartsdale (across from TJ Maxx). As authentic as it comes.

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            1. re: Dim Sum Diva

              Just discovered Dante's myself. Wonderful so far- my favorite unless I'm buying prosciutto di Parma ($13 a lb!) or mozzarella, then I go to Apple Farms. Watch out for the small parking lot!

              1. re: petezee

                I really don't care for Dante's. The owner can be a royal pain in the neck, he is always right and the customer wrong. Also they mix up orders occasionally because they rush and don't care.

                If you are getting prosciutto at $13 lb. it is most probably domestic since it costs almost that much a lb. wholesale for real imported Prosciutto di Parma. Which is another problem I have with them. they have sold me items as imported when domestic and mislabeled them and played other bait and switch games. I stopped going to them a few years ao because I felt they were cheats and didn't care about the customers, just money.

                1. re: JMF

                  I'm sorry about your past experiences, but are you referring to Apple Farms or Dante's when you say "they have sold me items as imported when domestic."? I've found that the Apple Farms Parma prociutto bears the Parma stamp and tastes dead-on. Often, delis will certain items sell at close to cost to attract business for other high-yield items. I've seen proscuitto di Parma similarly priced at very high-yield outer borough delis such as Corona Park deli in College Point, Queens.

                  1. re: petezee

                    I was talking about Dante's... but I have no understanding of people who like Apple Farms. The place is a messy dive.

                    1. re: JMF

                      Isn't it disgusting? The prices are cheap, apparently, and that is what seems to draw everyone there.

                  2. re: JMF

                    about dantes owner, i agree totally, the young man has a short fuse and seems unbalanced. after going there for years, i have not been back for over two years now, the owners outbursts, and nasty temper were just way over the top,very nasty very negative,he just snapps !!

                    1. re: intrepid

                      So Dante's owner is rude, the new owner at A&S Mamaroneck ignores customers --- what is their problem?

                      I guess they don't know about the power of the Internet.