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Vegetarian Restaurants

Looking for recommendations for a vegetarian restaurant to take a client out to (so something nice with good food and good atmosphere). Haven't been to any of these, but here is what I have come up with:

Pure Food and Wine
Candle 79

Any thoughts / suggestions? Thanks.

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      There is only one word to describe the food at the 9th Av. Zen Palate: horrible!!

    2. Gobo is my favourite but if it's an upscale business dinner then I'd go for one of the great restaurants that do vegetarian tasting or something, aureole or something. Worth calling a few to see what the options are

      1. If you're looking for a fancy veggie place, check out Han Gawi. Korean. Beautiful. Delicious. Transportative.

        1. My vegetarian friend swears by Counter at 105 First Avenue.

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            Counter is a wonderful restaurant for an evening with clients. Not only is their food great, but they have organic wines, beers, and cocktails.

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              I was just going to suggest Counter. Although Hangawi, Franchia and Radha are good options too, if your companion likes "ethnic" food.

          2. Pure Food is a step beyond vegetarian in that it is vegan and serves "raw" food. The one dish worth having there is the lasagna, which my husband and I, both carnivores, thought was sensational. Everything else, not so good.

            Instead of going to a strictly vegetarian restaurant, I would take the client to Cafe Boulud. This may be 4-star chef Daniel Boulud's second-tier restaurant, but the superb cuisine is first-rate!! What make it a really good choice in this particular case is that one of the 4 a la carte menus, "Le Potager," is devoted to vegetarian dishes. Service is polished, yet cordial, and the space has stylish contemporary decor.


            1. A vegetarian will love Candle 79. Excellent food; beautiful atmosphere; many choices. Many vegetarians may prefer to be taken to a top-notch veg. restaurant at which they can order anything on the menu, rather than a high-end place--no matter how wonderful--at which their choice is limited. And a vegetarian will appreciate the quality and creativity of the Candle 79 menu.

              1. I am not a vegetarian, but I have been to Pure Food & Wine and Candle 79. The chef situation at Pure has changed since I have been, but even so I wouldn't go back except for the sole purpose of sitting in their back garden (One of the most beautiful in New York, I think, and probably not a reason to go at this time of year.) I highly recommend Candle 79. I went with my vegan parents and I was impressed with the food, and also with the atmosphere. The restaurant is by no means hip and the decor is a little stuffy for my taste, but I got the feeling that they have been in business for a long time and seem to have their act together. They seem like they know how to run a restaurant professionally and give good service to their customers, which isn't something that I take for granted in New York, and wasn't something I experienced at Pure. I have also heard great things about Counter, from a close friend who is in the restaurant business, and it looks like it might have a little more of a relaxed, downtown vibe than Candle 79. Good Luck

                1. if you're talking about radha on the les, i don't think it's in the same range as the other places you listed. also, i wasn't crazy about what i ordered there. the veg burger, i think it was.

                  1. A couple of other options are Blossom, which has two branches--one in Chelsea and one on the Upper West Side, and Teany's on the Lower East Side.