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Dec 29, 2006 07:35 PM

Dim Sum at Lai Wah Heen

Hello...considering Dim Sum at Lai Wah Heen with a big family. Heard lots of good review, but the question much will this be? Can someone please let me know how much it will cost per person for lunch/dim sum?

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  1. $4-7/ dish. You're looking at about 3-4 dishes/person.

    1. it was around $100 for two of us, but we ordered a bit from their pricier single piece dim sum menu.

      either way, don't expect to come out w/ a deal. You have to pay to play.

      1. Since you go with a big family, you can share the dim sum better. I would say it is ~$35 (include tax+tips) per person depends on what you order.