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Dec 29, 2006 07:20 PM

good eats in Bend, Oregon

we are staying in Sunriver this weekend and looking for the best eats in Bend. My guess is that if there are any they are near Wall Street.


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  1. "if there are any"? What a comment. What center of culinary delights are you from? Deschutes County is not a culinary wasteland, even more so in the last five years.

    As to locations, Ariana is on Galveston, Cork is on Oregon (near Wall), Scanlons is on Mt Bach Dr towards Bachelor, Cafe Sintra (underrated, esp for breakfast) is on Bond and also in Sunriver. High Tides on Bond is also overlooked.

    Do a search to get more specific notes regarding each restaurant.

    1. thanks!!

      did some google searching and found The Blacksmith on Greenwood. have you eaten there? any suggestions? we have 630pst reservations. we have been coming to sunriver about every 6 months and will look forward to trying those places you mentioned.

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      1. re: soilchem

        Blacksmith was excellent when it opened a couple years ago to a lot of hype, not so good a few months later. Haven't been back since.

        Ariana and Cork are the best of the lot.

        1. re: Steve K

          My grandmother always loved the Pine Tavern - she sweet-talked the French dressing recipe out of the proprietress about 50 years ago - but I've never been (though my friend's ex-husband was a sous chef there for years while he was a snowboard "bum", and he was a very good cook). Their menu these days looks solid if they still pull it off. How does it measure up these days to new restaurants in Bend?

          1. re: hertzdonut

            I confess that we haven't been for a couple of years. We always found that lunch was quite good, but dinner only passable. Their lauded honey-butter scones don't compare to the scones at its predecessor restaurant in Ketchum, Idaho.

            But, again, it's been a couple of years; perhaps it's time to try them again.