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Dec 29, 2006 06:49 PM

Anyone know of a great Chinese hotpot restaurant??

I used to frequent one in LA where the staff poured a flavorful broth into the hotpot and my family and I would gather up vegetables, meats, seafood and tofu (buffet style) to simmer into the pot. I think there was a spicy dipping sauce to accompany the cooked food. Does anyone know a place like this in NYC?

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  1. i remember a friend going for just that at a restaurant on lexington arounf 32nd. I called him but he couldnt recall the name. What place in LA did you go for this??

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      It was in chinatown near downtown, but hasn't beer there in like 15 years or so. Thanks for the lead!

      1. If you mean the "Mongolian" style rather than shabu shabu, you should check the Outer Boroughs board.

        1. the chinatown branch of Grand Sichuan has real hotpot, but i wouldnt say its good, its okay. But it would work in a fix

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            Thanks Lau. That's probably the closest thing out there. I just read about that one.

          2. Decent Sichuan-style hotpot can be found in Manhattan (the Grand Sichuan branch on the east side of Lexington between 33 and 34th has it. the hot pot / huo guo menu is a separate menu). For other regional styles of hotpot / huoguo such as Mongolian and Shanghai, you may have to venture to Flushing: