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Dec 29, 2006 06:48 PM

Decent Fruit pie in Portland??

Can't seem to find a decent Pie in Portland. Cookies, doughnuts and flakey little puff pastries that the yuppies like, can be found easily, but a decent PIE can't be found....

Any suggestions??

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  1. Go to the Bipartisan Cafe for all your pie needs. Tasty, tasty, tasty. The crust is as amazing as the filling and both are flavor-locomotives on a one-way track to satisfaction. Oh yeah, and it's 3 bucks for a nice, ample slice. Deal with that.

    7901 SE Stark St

    -Nate Maas

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    1. re: Nate Maas

      Hey! I know where that place is located! Across from teh Academy Theater... I'll check it out. If they sell whole pies, we're in business...

      TX Nate!

      1. re: mojo2

        Whole pies are totally sold there. I have yet to purchase one because I know I would eat it in one sitting and that would, like, kill my figure. Try the marionberry.

        -Nate Maas

    2. For reasons unknown to me, The Limelight in Sellwood has amazing apple pie - by the slice, mind you.

      1. Try Common Grounds over on Hawthorne Blvd. They are baking old-fashioned pies from scratch twice a week, and it's first come first served for peach, apple, berry, rhubarb, etc. There's never a bite of crust going to waste and I'd give my best cat for that crust recipe. Everything else there is really delicious, too.

          Random order on Alberta. I love their pie! Handmade, local seasonal ingredients.
          Named best pie in The Oregonian's Best Bites issue, two years in a row.

          "Best cat"...sounds like an oxymoron...