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Dec 29, 2006 06:45 PM

Saturday lunchtime party in dinner-only restaurant

Trying this again with a few more details...thanks!

We are looking for a restaurant, probably one that's only open for dinner, that would be good for a short private party (2 hours?) for lunch or desserts on a saturday afternoon. We would prefer downtown (East Village, LES, West Village, Soho or Tribeca). Any suggestions? Something light and airy would be nice.

Forgot to mention -- about 60 people.


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  1. That's a difficult request. Most restaurants that are dinner-only are not going to open up their restaurant for an exclusive party for many reasons: their insurance might not allow it, it's not just paying a certain $$$ per person... in this instance you'd be paying for the entire staff to come in, chefs, line cooks, servers, etc.