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Dec 29, 2006 06:40 PM

Charlotte: Gift Certificate for Mom's birthday

Would love to get the 'hounds help on this one! My Mom's 60th birthday is coming up in a few days and I think I'll get her a gift certificate for dinner for 2 at a good restaurant in Charlotte. Something nice with very good food is what I'm looking for. But not too nice, because she'll never get my Dad to dress up without complaints.
My parents eat out fairly frequently (at places like Greek Isles, Pewter Rose, and South End Brewery), but I'd like to give her a chance to branch out and try something new/nice for a special occassion. I'm thinking $100 for dinner for two (my dad will drink a few beers and my Mom might have a glass or two of wine). They're open to just about any type of food.
Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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  1. I am not at all familiar with the restaurants in Charlotte, being a west coast native. I was thinking though, why not ask your dad where he would like to take your mother for her birthday. Explain what you want to do for her, and get him to agree to go along, that way mom will not have to endure complaints of getting dressed up.

    An alternative would be to give them both a gift to a restaurant they would both like, and doing something special for mom and a friend, so they can enjoy each other's company in a new setting, if dad agrees and if that is something mom would do.

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      If I ask my Dad where he wants to go, the answer would be Wing King or something like that. ;-) And he really has no concept of who serves good food, even in his own town (which is about 30 miles south of Charlotte) long as they have some kind of domestic beer to drink, he will usually go along and tolerate it.
      Yes, I do 2 people with such different tastes have a 35 year marriage? Something is working for them!

      1. re: strawberryfrog

        Yeah, I have the same "problems" with my parents. At least talk to your dad first to get him to cooperate?
        Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

    2. It sounds like they spend their time in the Dilworth area. Some suggestions in that neighborhood would be Sole, i, or Copper (latin, asian and indian respectively).

      1. Zebra by Southpark Mall is AWESOME. Jim Alexander is the owner, and he will treat your parents like gold. it is a little nicer, but you don't need a sports coat or anything too fancy. Nolen Kitchen is really wonderful too. it's right in Myers Park on Selwyn. the menu is excellent and in the summer they can sit outside on the patio. the wait staff is extremely friendly, and it has more of a lower key neighborhood fell to it, however, the food is definitely upscale. i hope this helps!

        1. Thanks for your input everyone! I perused some of the other Charlotte postings and I ended up getting her a gift certificate to Noble's, which she was very excited about! She said she ate lunch there a few years ago and enjoyed it. I liked their menu and the info on their website about local/seasonal food.