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Dec 29, 2006 06:16 PM

i am -gasp- hounded OUT!

after a serious food binge in vegas, i'm just exhausted and don't want anything to do with the normal holiday goodie train. sadly, i have family coming in tonight so i know we'll be cooking and eating all sorts of treats.

i yearn for some simple flavors- crisp raw vegetables, clear broth... i've been having cucumbers, miso soup and sorbet.

what are everyone's hound recovery techniques for when your belly and tastebuds want a break from the foie, the fried, and all that is fatty?

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  1. I CRAVE sushi at the end of the holiday season.

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    1. re: Bostonbob3

      You and my husband. He made a beeline for the sushi place as soon as all the festivities were over.

    2. For breakfast - Oatmeal or toast and coffee.

      For lunch - cottage cheese and some saltines

      For dinner - a crisp salad with vinaigrette, a simple broth or tomato-based soup, and some crusty bread.

      Oh - and LOTS AND LOTS of WATER.

      1. clear cabbage soup, salt & pepper.

        1. Lots of simply cooked veggies, grains like couscous or bulgur, fresh salads.

          The cravings will return though.

          1. i always want salads with a really vinegary vinaigrette. raw veggies, like you said as well. This year I'm eating carrots and celery with Annie's Goddess dressing (love the tahini/garlic combo), and vinegary salads. Though admittedly, today's wasn't exactly low in fats and oils (wilted spinach with bacon, gorgonzola, and egg). But it was good!!