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Dec 29, 2006 06:06 PM

Cape Cod Restaurants - Recommendations

I'm going to be visiting Chatham on the Cape in a couple weeks. Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants around that area that would still be open over the winter? Also, we might be going to Provincetown, any ideas there?

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  1. The good news is that in the last twenty years the Cape have filed in with many good year round choices in eating from one end to the other. Your question reminded me of my first visits in the early 80's when getting a decent dinner in the off-season required a 5-6 town voyage - and crossed fingers.

    SO, that means you now have the luxury of specifying what you want, who you are traveling with? bringing the kids? Are you a seasfood freak (like me)? a quick stop for a local meal at the bar or white linen tablecloths; Lunch in Hyannis? Dinner in Orleans? you name it.

    By focusing in a bit, your draw out some great recommendations. Oh by searching, you will also find some great threads on this topic.

    1. i have been going to the cape for years now, the selection is huge now. we have one rule when on the cape, no chain restaurants, we can go to them at home. Not sure if you're traveling with a familiy or a spouse, etc. There are some places right on the main drag in Chatham with good food. In Hyannis, we like the Paddock, the Roadhouse and our favorite the Black Cat. All are a bit pricy, esp for a family. Im not sure about off season availability, always there in summer, do some internet searches and call ahead if youre singling in on a particular place. Good luck and enjoy!

      1. A good all around place that will be open is the Chatham Squire.

        1. Squire's ok for a burger or clam roll or such, but The Impudent Oyster is a far better choice. As to the other recs only the Roadhouse is open this time of year. Do a search and you'll find many recs. A little work here in the form of self help goes a long way.

          1. For lunch, I like the Impudent Oyster. The Squire is a more casual place for basics. Feels like a locals place. Chatham Bars Inn is not impressive.