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Dec 29, 2006 06:01 PM

Restaurants at Royal Plantation Jamaica

My husband and I are going to be staying at the Royal Plantation for the first time in a couple weeks. It is located in Ochos Rios. We have heard that the 3 restaraunts there are very good, has anyone else been to any of them? My main concern is how expensive they are because we did not do the all inclusive. I believe there is one located outdoors and one that is indoors. Do both have a dress code? Are there any good restaraunts in the town of Ochos Rios that are worth visiting?
Thank you so much for any information. I have been trying to find out anything on the internet and was unsuccessful, then I remembered this site and was happy to find out how much it has expanded.
Have a good day,

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  1. I think the restaurants at the Royal Plantation are not worth the money- like many restaurants at Jamaican hotels, they charge rates that are above or equal to rates in the US. Plus, when I was there last (about 1 year ago), the food options were not too many, since they don't want to have a lot of options for the all-inclusive guests.

    As for other places in/near Ocho Rios, see my response to the November 3 posting on Ocho Rios. I would particularly recommend Toscanini.

    1. My wife and I just got back from a week at the Royal Plantation. We did the all inclusive plan, and overall, while we enjoyed the resort, we felt that it did not live up to our expectations, with the biggest disappointment being the food. If you ask me, it seemed like someone hired an executive chef to design their menus, and then left. The menus were nice. The execution was not.